Chi Van Quyet is not fair and does not understand the Park


Chua Van Quyet is not fair and does not understand the Park.

The decision is always respected because the knowledge is very useful for learning young players

A description of Van's decision, a small number of fans are always at affecting the base of Vietnam captain. In particular, when the decision, which the stripper has been using Hanoi FC, it was a source of criticism, sport of the population.

Following the 0-0 draw with Myanmar, as well as the referee's team to run their game, Van Resolution punished fans hard for the poor style in the first half. There are more people who Thinking of a Park coach Hang-here's the decision instead of the second half of a reasonable decision due to the fact that the skipper has a " Vietnam recruitment employs the pace of the attack, often Missing a member when Myanmar's fierce is closing.

In fact, Van Resolution did not play well in the # 39; game with Myanmar. However, he had been fighting; , not just Van Quyen but Xuan Truong was also very bad, even worse than Van Quy. Xuan Truong lost the ball during the riot, the ball pass did not work in 45 minutes. This young midfielder is present on the field often by pushed his companions to a difficult or 50-50 enemy.

Poor and poorly understood, not to understand the Park teacher.

The team leader, Van Quyet, had been very hard in hot sun on the morning of 21-11, before he could return to return to Vietnam

In the first half, when Myanmar was active in her & her; played Vietnam, who was often employed, attacked the right wing, where Van Duc and Cong Phuong were preserving. However, the two young stars are always spending fair. At the same time, the Van Resolution attack had less member, and so all mistakes, fans track the Hanoi FC strike.

Park Hang-this is famous for its use. It is not so consistent that he had ever been choosing the decision from the start of the Vietnam Olympic team. preparing for the ASIAD18 initiative, today the team for the Suzuki AFF Cup 2011. Knowledge of the battle of Van The decision is always vital for young players to learn, and also, at present, there is no style of conflict Play for Hanoi FC is very low.

Poverty is very uncomfortable and they do not understand Mr Park - Picture 3.

Van Resolution is always consistent and the young players are respected and often learn

Van has just had a job to release his psychological pressure on the captain's device. So, Hang-seo Park coach continues to use it, because he knows they all want to do everything with Van Tinh Quyen with the young players. Chriminal officers have a & # 39; Believe that this is the time, the team together Violet was to get the best minded state, not to be afraid of any other opponent.

Mr Dung – Photograph: Duc Anh

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