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Chiayi voting insurance is in the County, doubts doubtfully, daughter of her daughter. party (remaining 2), Wang Nan (left 3)
▲ Investigating & # 39; voting in Chiayi County, a party's daughter (left 2), Wang Nan (left 3). (Figure / reporter, Zhong Sheng, picture, 2018.11.21)

In the general election of Jiuhe 2018, the election leader of the Chiayi County Electoral Commission, Hou Nv and Wang Xing, the male elector, suspected that 333 votes cast 333 votes from the printing house, and Examined by District Prosecutor's representative De Hou, Dean. Finally, "not to be banned."

District Chiayi Center's Office indicated that the evidence of the Chiayi County Electoral Commission's evidence was that the ballot papers would be printed more, because the votes could be damaged or damaged or to be cut, the statutory registration was 0.2%, and b. He has fewer than 5 votes of 5 votes. The castings for each town and town will first be printed with rough estimate. The home unit makes a number of voters around November 15. Therefore, there will be a gap between the approximate estimate and the number of votes. If there are additional votes, the election will be selected. The additional votes were put in the first place, but the first time was hosted, and she was very busy at that time, so she might be unfair and Home electives are the last ones they left, the eel may have been cleared.

The general vice president of his election committee in Chiayi County also said that the ballot papers were printed on November 17. From November 18 to 21st, officials chose to elect; The workers' home went to the printed floor to measure the number of votes, correct tickets and preparation. After the box, the rest of the look will be just with the management team to monitor the & # 39; contractor and cutters directly. According to their operating process, the additional votes should be paid back at any time. If damaged, the ticket will be changed and the candidate will take the election work. Not much later, there were more than 40 types of votes in that city. There were more votes in the & # 39; public, and 60,000 copies were missing. It may be too busy and it is not necessary to pay immediately for ticket exchange.

In the above certification, the local survey department considered that the defendants of Hou and Wang 2 were in line with the witnesses, and if the virgins were guilty guilty, they would not categorize the votes, and each would be stored in a kraft-paper bag and be aware.

The Landscapes also learned from video recording of the area counting a "Lantan Factory Factory" ballot and the carts were first captured on the " board to the left at the left. After the Wang Nan defender appeared from left to top of the screen, he went to the screen; runs to the left. Take and see the carton captured, look, and put 2 kraft paper bags into. According to the video record that was pre-scheduled recording of the search area, after the defendant, Wang Nanyu out of the countdown counted a ballot, brought him to the police police, and he has been investigating the resident police officer, and allowed the police police officer to inspect. How the girl was protected illegally, and the person who really asked Wang Nan to go to her; voting vote, defendant 2 will be suspended guilty of polling vote by blocking or disrupting the vote; disturbing the vote, and so crime is not enough to go to the # 39; fight. Disciplinary action. "

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