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Zhuang Chen is known as casual bribeas
▲ Zhuang Chen's legs were taken for silver bribes. (Picture / Office of the Chiayi District Center, 2018.11.21)

District Chiayi Center Office took hold of the base of Zhuang Chen, Xingang Township, Chiayi County. There was a suspicion of buying a ticket for a person's representative for 500 yuan in money, and then a court; court said "the arrest is banned."

A local survey agency said that the prosecution of Ye Meijing Yesterday (20) led the Chiayi County Police Police Criminal Police Inspection Team, a Ministry of Auditorate's review team; Justice and Justice Ministry Ministry of Justice, and took hold of Zhuang Chen's feet and Wu's base. He has been suspicious of being a cash-maker for a representative from a town in Xingang Township, Chiayi County, a total of 8,000 yuan.

The Territorial Department reported that Zhuang Chen's circular cases and Wu visits had bought tickets from experienced voters at a cost of 500 yuan per ticket, respectively, in October, asking voters to vote for an applicant for a person's representative, and approved by the procurator of his home town. Following Chen's head, along with the voters of Wu and associated voters, the suspicion of Chen was criticized as having been a serious crime, and "there were witnesses or witnesses." An issue was extended by the Chiayi District Court. In the investigation.

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