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(Central Central Business Reporter, Jiang Junliang, Chiayi City, 18th) The Northern Constituent TV Conference was held today. The four candidates were & # 39; playing economic cards. Although the opposition process was against, the attack was not wild and the process was peaceful. South Westerly

Huang Minhui, the candidate for Kuomintang minister to talk to the stage, said she was born in the education department. She successfully worked with the University of Chiayi with the legislator and won more than $ 10 billion to build the old town. The minister took care of education and won the education. Title of mariner.

Huang Minhui said that she had developed the landscape of her park when she went to her; builder, brought economic development, opened the second line of traffic, and encompassing living water into the Chiayi City economy, providing business opportunities and employment opportunities for the public. It is also a "friendly old city seat" launched throughout the world. One of the towns, walking in the & # 39; first place in Taiwan.

She said she was full of glory in Chiayi's master, but after leaving her career, the public lost their awareness of glory. So, the main axis of this campaign is "to fight for economics, clean, and black gold," compared to some people. A car's tail was built, and b> # 39; Elected only the cut of the Rus tail. "

Huang Minhui said she was praying her & # 39; policy "5 + economic, a gang wants justice", from tourism marketing, education and culture to bring the young people back to "Jia"; and promoting business growth, becoming a new capital on the west of Taiwan, let Travelers expand, "When money comes into, Chiayi will have a good time."

Xiao Shuli, a non-party party party candidate, said the Chiayi town should be developed in both sides, multiple words and common success. She was a director of the Chiayi Farmers' Association for over 8 years, and chaired Chiayi Town Council for 4 years, and saw a route to her; village; The chairman of the City of Chiayi has been appointed as a pension home, Kyoto, Taiwan, a friendly old town, and a seat of an old age of health. "But did you do that?"

Xiao Shuli said the two master's founders did not find a way for young people in the past. She valued the development of her business and created employment opportunities and she got the children of Chiayi. She said that the construction of the town's Beidong Building was delayed for more than a decade. The architect reviewed 80 times. The government sent its The town also has a legal case with the architect. After being elected as a master, she would remove the obstacles and finished building the Beidong Building; town. The Opera House and the Guanjing Building were built in the village hall and became a new landmark in Chiayi City.

She said that, after she became a minister, she would also have a problem over 15,000 pages of Jianguo Second Village, that the original site of Jianguo Second Village could be a Xinyi District in Chiayi City, while at the same time detecting delays in the area where the special location of the Beigang Road was for over 40 years. It has been incorporated into the construction of shares to a business and comprehensive trade area, and a teascope park, a special park, and flowering and tree plantations were built to make Baile Chiayi a romantic town with four flower seasons.

Xiao Shuli said she wants to create a creative market in the loch, to promote local prosperity, build a youth service platform, hold a youth and business business development office, a youth forum, along with young people to build an innovative network platform, and find young people. Financing, managing and managing blueprint loans, and its & # 39; recommends the policy of "women and children by train", protecting the care of their grandfathers, & # 39; Encourage older people to share food, work with everyone to fight for the new economy and the new Chiayi.

Then Huang Hongcheng, a party's non-party premier candidate, appeared in a rich uniform. After taking a thousand dollars and continued to swim, he sang the songs of the four gods, the money, the singer, the singer, the passageway, the milon lemonade, the drink, the bread, and the props. At the end, he and his staff built up and cleaned the studio, and took a while to start the TV idea of ​​the TV.

The last DPP student of her mariner launched her & her; Positive Democratic Party, Tu Xingzhe, performs "communications, clear water, good air, road, light, health". He said that there is a continuing illness in floods, and it is essential to prove the correct cure. After taking a job, the sewage took 20,000 tonnes of meter to crack up the Chiayi Brain floods.

Tu Xingzhe counts his inner performance, and & # 39; including air pollution ban, the Lu Ping project in the country, the street lighting of its home was changed to LED lights, buy 10 years of light provision, save 180 million yuan, unhealthy local fever, integrated health issues By typing the community to the hospital, an accident disaster was increased by 6 minutes, and # 39; Encouraging a burial town, and started the railway for 28 years.

He put forward the political ideas of "fast rail, urban equipment, and Chiayi new", saying he would do things, but it would not be awful. The solar sun panels with Lantan have been spread to the world out of the bad news. Do it, it's very bad for the election opponents to sing the City of Chiayi and his unlucky, and the voters. "The fruits must be beautiful, and the seawater needs a vacant selection." 1071118

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