Chick not against Peru's first encounter in South America


The Chilean National team scored unintended from Peru on this Thursday at San Marcos Stadium in Lima, in his first prize for Group A of the category A Under-17 in South America 2019, a young people's competition suitable for the World Cup in Brazil next November.

By this connection they are all continuing with a point in the series, because of this Venezuela and Ecuador also answered at the start of the competition. Bolivia was free on this opening day to prevent him from adding units.

Team squad Hernon Caputto He fought hard, but he could not get past the owners of the house, who also began to have influence with their people.

In the finish, at 62,, the Chilean had a good eye, but Alexander Oroz fell at the door and asked a convict. The judge didn't agree anything.

Peru replied to the free kick 78, but the aim Julio Fierro showed that he would maintain the national aim.

After this image, the new National Silent Team will be taking place the next day this Saturday. On the other hand, Peru goes against Venezuela at 9:30 in the country.

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