Chickpea can help to fight the depression


We know that an acrylic animal is an essential creature that only adds something to it; body. But in the past ten years, a number of studies have been examining the location of one, the chickpea, and the # 39; play in our brain.

This grain, the base of the big dog, is a faina (which combines pizza in countries such as Italy, Uruguay and Argentina) and a savory leader in the Caribbean, including tryptophan, aminoid that helps to & # 39; serotonin body

It's a chemical that is Serotonin that's a? signals between brain cells (neurons), working as a neurotransmitter that affects our behavior. If this balance is broken, it can cause a deterioration.

Scientists believe that the chickpea (English chickpeas) is the natural character of Prozac that is a favorite, antidepressant cure that just generates levels of serotonin in the brain.

The 2007 research published in the Journal of Psychiatry & Nuclear Science refers to chickpea as an unauthorized allegation against this mental health problem.

Since then, a group of research in the United States, in Europe and in Israel has been collecting evidence that has a " shows that people are disturbed by depression, or those who suffer, and # 39; benefit from constantly using this grain.

Originally from the Middle East, chickpea is part of the Mediterranean food, and has been cultivated in the & that part of the world from 3,000 BC. The Romans, the Greeks and the Egyptians ate it daily in different ways: cooked, salad or pasta.

Today, India is the largest producer of chickpeas, and Pakistan, Turkey, Ethiopia and Mexico later.

The list of chickpea benefits is wide. There are good carbohydrates and very little erosion, vitamin A, iron and fiber.

One hundred grams of chickpeas are full of 164 calories, 2.6 grams of fat (but off, just 0.27 grams in acne), 7.6 grams of fiber and 8.9 grams of protein.

He is also a nobleman who gives many of the provisions, from panelle Sicilian – fried chickpeas paste – until a sweet Filipino is called halo halo, which is ready with chickpea and syrup.

There are almost 0.14 grams of tryptophan in one cup of chickpeas, the product that creates serotonin.

Chickpea is also a powerful diet in tryptophan / serotonin: chicken and turmoil, bananas, salmon, warm milk, nuts and pine seeds.

It is a sunlight in another natural way to get the chance to access it; group to a good balance of serotonin. There are about 10 minutes exposed in the day – at times not damaging enough to help brain genes to be generated.

What's in depression?

It is a mental condition that is confusing but only sad (which is temporary and time consuming). If you think you're sorry, look at your doctor.

The World Health Organization (WHO) shows 350 million people; suffering from her all over the world.

In the United States, the Solar study (Study of Latinos) found that 27% of Hispanics are depressed, with little treatment.

The following are the facilities that can be used by a person with depression, or with love, to help and start the way back to normal life:

  • Line for Bad Location: 1-800-273-8255
  • Let text to talk about an emergency: Text HOME at 741741
  • Support group for depreciation: 1-800-826-3632
  • Teen Violence support line: 1-800-992-2600
  • Line for people running away from home (the secret calls): 1-800-231-6946
  • Sexual assault line: 1-800-223-5001
  • National Domestic Violence Line: 1-800-799-SAFE

Sources: NDMDA, American Psyquiatric Society, CDC, NIMH, USDA.

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