"Chico David" is worried about the state of health: "I was a real pain" Society


Following the pictures posted on social networks, the complex time that lived David Díaz, the entertainer came to the step to describe the situation that goes over.

A few days ago Anita Moadned, one of her friends, share current images where she is; looking gray and in a wheelchair.

"I've been a long time, but now it's getting worse. I was in extreme pain (…) I had a chrome-trunk edema I had ten days in hospital (…) After that he gave me again and I was in hospital for two days in September. It's wrong, "he appeared in conversation with La Fourth.

In terms of the blind that caused diabetes, Díaz said "I've been aware, I see a bit, I lost 80% of the vision, but it's something I need to know how I'm doing; live"

The actor also spoke about his "beautiful memories" of his television career and thanked the people who liked his time in "I merged with the Company"

"I am very sorry about my situation, but a man in this world is going through and you need to know how it can, "he said.

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