Chief Attorney General Lametti said the SNC-Lavalin was still capable


The Minister for Justice and Advocate David Lametti will Speaking during the House of Commons Questions on February 7, 2019.

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Generalized Demand-General David Lametti says that he is still able to guide the grievance service to resolve corruption costs against SNC-Lavalin Group Inc. from court.

"There are certain rules of regulations that would allow the Grandfather-in-law to lead a public process, in a clear process, through Canada Gazette," he told CTV Three Questions on the Sabbath. "That's still possible. But I do not comment on its current capabilities because that case is in front of the courts."

The Globe and Mail said the week was that the Office of a Prime Minister and other government officials had a " trying to lead Jody Wilson-Raybould, former Mr Lametti, to lead a Public Prosecutor to settle the expenses with SNC-Lavalin out of court. Ms. Wilson-Raybould do so, according to sources. In January, it was brought to Veterans Affairs.

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Mr Lametti's views come as federal prosecutors; come out with a global infrastructure company based in Quebec in the & # 39; court above the authority to follow the costs. In the court documents, SNC-Lavalin states that he has made "permanent transformational changes" to his business practices, and the "easily met" requirements for a military trial from court. He opposes the prosecution of prosecutors; Alliances can be "informal" in their definition of why they do not settle.

Bribery and fraud costs are linked to building contracts in Libya on its company. If convicted, may be suspended for up to 10 years from a & # 39; obtaining Canadian government contracts.

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Under 2018 federal law affecting corporate crime, defendants can defend offenses to protect jobs and shareholders, where companies agree to negotiate terms; including crime, fines and commitments to clear action.

SNC-Lavalin asks the Canadian Forth Court to cancel its & # 39; prosecution and order Kathleen Roussel, Director of Public Offenses, to resolve arrangements. The hunter is considered to be & # 39; proceeding with long-term costs as an integral part of Canada law. Typically, a court investigation is not subject to objection.

But the new law allows taxes against the court against corporate, known as reforms, and # 39; commentators in the leadership role, and SNC-Lavalin argues that this duty begins when the complainant decides to negotiate the tax.

But outside the lawyer who Ms. Roussel says that the company's request is unconnected; they have been asked to suspend a Federal Court without hearing. Send them to & # 39; decision to make a settlement "classical case of choice of complaint," not to be reviewed by the courts.

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Under the new reform law, the prosecutor's service is not allowed to consider the national economic interest in doing so; decide what to do to set out from & # 39; court when a company deals with costs under the Public Public Procurement Committees Act, lawyer told Ms. Roussel.

"In the current case, the DPP [Director of Public Prosecutions] worked (on behalf of the Attorney General) for the original power of England based in Canada based on the Constitution, "said lawyers David Migicovsky and Andrew Lenz in court registration.

On February 1, Catherine Kane Federal Court Justice held a five-hour session in Montreal where the parties sent their views on whether to do so; A court could make a critical review of the refusal of the grievance service to & # 39; keep the taxes and get out of their & # 39; court. Justice Kane kept her decision.

Court documents are largely split. They say that their company started to doing his case to service; a lawsuit for a settlement almost immediately after the introduction of the new reform law in the House of Commons in March, and continued for several months, naming "real negative effects" of a test – even one left leave. (There is already a starting research in Quebec in the case.) For example, in October, news reports on service decision were made; a lawyer resolved reconciliation agreement that "dropped by 13.5 percent" in a market capital, a $ 1 billion loss to investors, said & # 39; company.

It is the case of its company to ' Expending on the costs, as defined in the court documents, states that "the full reorganization of senior managers and the board of directors of the events was questioned;" senior officers with even remote connections that these incidents were rejected; "medical and compliance in the class of the world" was applied; and ongoing legal "big effects" would be on "staff, customers, pensioners and other stakeholders who were not involved in the offense."

He said that, although a negotiation settlement can be made where it is for its public and that it is appropriate to do so, Ms Roussel told the company that was not appropriate.

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"This is an informal application of the appropriate criteria. When the DPP ends that negotiations will be in the interests of a public, and must continue to They would also be clear, strong reasons that were present for a reason. Such reasons were not given or existed in this situation. DPP decision – defined without definition and It seems unlikely to pay attention to the public interest – which denies the real purpose of the legislation. "

Solicitors who have represented a Public Prosecutor's leader said when they are in a position; confirm that the application "means that there will be no success."

"Initially, a test option is not subject to scrutiny by the courts, but only in a process misuse case. This was reinforced several times with the Canadian High Court. -minders, however, name process misuse. "

They mentioned, among other bans, the 1985 judgment of the B.C. Appeal Court on the independence of the prosecution, in the role delegated by the Attorney General: "It is a free trade association signature in independence the Attorney General.

Solicitors told The Globe who did not connect to the unexpected case. expects its company to be & # 39; success of the legal review application.

"I do not think it can be done," said Brian Gille, the leader of the Advocates' Association, a group of lawyers in an interview. "I do not think that Canada's court would have any queries regarding the use of a choice of confidence."

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At the same time, Conservative and NDP members of the Liberal Commons's justice committee have been calling on nine senior Trudeau workers to take evidence of the adverse impact on Ms. Wilson-Raybould when she was a minister; Justice.

Jody Wilson-Raybould can be seen at the New Moon Lunar march in Vancouver on February 10, 2019.

DARRYL DYCK / The Canadian Media

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather, chairman of the justice committee, said on Twitter that committee meeting meeting Wednesday to decide whether to review the & # 39; a useful case. He said he did not try to influence it.

But Mr said. Lametti, who represents Montreal as a " LaSalle-Émard-Verdun riding, "There was nothing in my mind that allows committee research."

Amongst the witnesses that the opposition wants to give evidence is Ms. Wilson-Raybould and main Trudeau aides included chief secretary Gerald Butts, councilor of Quebec Mathieu Bouchard and senior councilor Elder Marques.

The three councilors met with SNC-Lavalin representatives and Mr Butts spoke to Ms. Wilson-Raybould about the reform case in December. PMO will not tell whether Mr Bouchard and Mr Marques also spoke to her; Minister of Justice. Senior government officials have confirmed that their SNC-Lavalin lawsuit was debated with her; Miss Wilson-Raybould. Those were "meaningful" conversations, but that should not be explained as a weight, the officials told the Globe.

Mr Lametti, who has been the main government spokesperson on this case, said to " The first time on CTV he had not talked to the previous one about the allegations that she had put under pressure. He identifies in the CTV interview that he is not related to the history of communication between PMO and Ms. Wilson-Raybould. He said he did not just repeat what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already said on file.

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But Mr Lametti has been stronger than Mr Trudeau's answers to the allegations, saying that the Prime Minister or his staff did not stress Ms. Wilson-Raybould – saying he has changed for CTV: "It did not do anything inappropriate under the situation. There is no guidance.

Mr Trudeau has not said that he or her staff did not name Wilson-Raybould for taking a particular course, and they refused to use the word "weight" when they were going to. answer. "The Prime Minister has said that he did not order the person who was in advance, and so I put forward what he said to the public," said Mr Lametti.

Also on Sunday, the Chief of Official Challenges, Andrew Scheer and the Director of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh, said that the Prime Minister should resign a solicitor's solicitor so that the lawyer can Previously talk about any pressures that you have; her.

"Fortrose is responding to this topic, as the surrounding allegations have been at the heart of legal enforcement and impartiality and grievance, They are essential to our legal rule and our democracy, "said Mr Scheer in a letter to Mr Trudeau.

On Sunday, Mr Singh said that the ideas made by government officials had gone on to The Globe on Friday to effectively help the solicitor's solicitor respect.

"They talk about themselves – Mr Trudeau and his job talk about the incident – but the general solicitor can not talk about the incident," said Mr Singh to his & # 39; Ghlobe at the time of breaking in the Lunar Year celebrated in Vancouver.

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"I think he is currently Prime Minister, Mr Trudeau, to provide the benefits of applicants to allow the normal advocate, Ms. Wilson-Raybould, talk about what happened. "

With a report by Andrea Woo in Vancouver.

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