Chief Executive of the Swedbank Group: Bankers have insufficient information to comment on business allegations


"We do not know anything about these 50 users and about 40 billion." Birgitte Bonnesen told the Swedish media.

In its words, SVT refused to disclose this information to Swedbank, even though its bank was very interested in everything that could help to identify more suspicious business.

Bonnenen said Swedbank's risk has been involved in cash cleansing schemes because the chosen business model is very low.

"We focus on sales banking in our domestic markets. There are no international accounts among our key actions. Residents do not just make up about 1 per cent., And most of them are from the European Union, "said Bonnnesen.

SVT Swedish Surname stated that cash flow between meurbank Swedbank and Danske Bank in Estonia in 2007-2015 could be more than $ 40 billion. Crona Suaineach (EUR 3.8 billion), which could have been a debt of money, as the money ranged between accounts about 50 non-working companies. Such decisions have been made after a period of almost half a year of accessing journalism to large financial documents of the package.

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