Chief of the head of the head of renewable scrutiny, sales of MC $ 25,000


In connection with the thousands of drivers, the MC, played by Kieu Dai Du (Pi, 22 years old, from the Din Dynasty department, residing in Area 12, Ho Chi Minh City) a & # 39; police management. Ho Chi Minh Home Damage more than 2 months ago, the Police Research Group has just expanded the research (first time) to Kieu Dai Du to clarify some of the certificates of this item.

The survey
Qi Dai at police

In the last few days, the Ho Chi Minh Home Police Police Bureau invited individuals as an ambassador, model, actor and MC in the world showbiz to work. At this time, the certification body examined the certification, demonstrated more clarity on other people involved or did not; Get involved in selling sex in this line.

The statement of guardian Kieu Dai Du, who has the responsibility of managing a stripline, is currently being clarified by the police to expand the investigation.

Previously, the police identified, Kieu Dai Du had time to study in Faculty of Environmental Technology and the University of Ho Chi Minh City. During his time as a student, he made extra money by driving a motorcycle taxi. Many people have models, actors to carry the hotel to give giants, Luo is familiar with those people and then build their own business lines.

Having a lot of relationships, went to design his own website and then offer it to users on social networking sites, and then he hid the wall by a restaurant guide in Area 12 until line is easily coordinated. the sale of sex.


The survey
A policeman works with strips.

Qiao Dai got the police: the cost of the long legs is the straight title, model, actor, MC from 7,000-25,000 USD / time; Students, "hotgirl" travel expenses from $ 300-1000 per trip. If customers need over three or more sextours or trips, the contract will be available at 10 hours per hour per hour. Prices above and eating the difference between $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per session.

As stated, at the end of 2018, many Ho Chi Minh City police teams administered 2 hotels located on Nam Quoc Street Cang, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, Area 1 and Tran Hung Dao Street. 2, Area 5, and thus find 4 pairs of men and women who, doing prostitution. Including a T railroad … (7th September, the second place of the TD was removed from the international exercise in the second place).

The Research Force continues to & # 39; Long-term trading research with up to $ 25,000 from certificate during the investigation.

Vinh Quang / VOV-HCMC

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