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First tranche of 2019 for. T child benefits referring to the months of January and February, as stated in an appropriate message with the organization for welfare benefits and social loyalty (OPECA).

In particular, this money, after all the necessary provisions, is paid to a total of 621,581 households, amounting to EUR 128.24 million. he is submitted their applications from 7 to 26 March on the new on-line application platform A21 and it is entitled to the dependent children 's allowance announced in A21 this year and the family' s total income for the 2017 tax year (tax result). last year).

From today, Friday, March 29, t the online platform will be available for anyone who wishes to apply for 2019. A21 claims for 2019 child benefits will be submitted on a continuous basis, as in the past year, up to January 15, 2020. The payments are bi-monthly, as happened in 2018. The allowable amounts will be refunded for 2019 when their applications were submitted by 15 January 2020, as was the case last year.

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After submitting or amending the tax forms for this year, the amount of the benefit will be automatically re-stated on an income basis and there is no need for an appeal. A21. If the recipient receives another amount from the supporter, they will be automatically balanced by the size of the payments.

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