Child in a harness: the habits of a parquet floor


Serena's mother should be moved. The procurator was convicted of two years imprisonment.

The second lawsuit is for Rosa Maria Da Cruz. According to France Between, Limoges's public procurator's office has appealed to Serena's mother's conviction. Information confirmed by local newspaper The mountain, who specifies that Rosa Maria da Cruz will be back in 2019.

AVAILABLE >> Mother of the "baby in the tree" on trial

The 50-year-old was started in early November to allow his daughter to live two years in a car, hidden from the world, suffering from deprivation and due to disabilities that could not be done . She was likely to get prisoners at her & # 39; highest due to the "lasting" nature of Serena's legacy, but was sentenced to five years imprisonment, and three were arrested, with a vacancy.

Eight years

The General Pretender asked for eight years in prison against this maternal of three other children aged 9 to 15, convicted of his / her; Her fourth secret birth in 2011 of serious violence and later by moving or going to her. steady disability with luck.

She was also sentenced to her for a five year socially judicial child with a care order. And the Court, as he asked the public procurator, "full-parental authority" on Serena. The child, who is seven years old at the end of November, has been living with a host family for five years.

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