Childish Gambino has been donated for his "This Is America" ​​deposit video


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Los Angeles (AFP)

Childish Gambino, the musician of the comedian Donald Glover ("Atlanta") won the Sunday Grammy Awards for the best "rap and vocals" and "best music video" for his political hymn wrong "This is America" ​​and a video that prevents firearm and racist management.

This gospel and a rap, full of pamphlets against the hits on an American society, which sank the internet in spring in spring, and his clip attracts more than 35 million observers on YouTube in just two days.

In this sad video, Childish Gambino, without a shirt and a dance, Declares the management of guns and racists in the country with an insecure image of the lives of many American black-haired people, between bloody stocks and slavery memories.

These most prominent images have raised wild debates about violence and blackness in the United States.

Quite funny, "This Is America" ​​is a complex millenne with comfortable clothing and afroatic slopes on "attractive" drums, a kind of rap from the southern United States, where some wanted See a caricature of a black culture as it would be considered by white America and self-esteem.

Youngish Gambino is supported by young stars that arise as Young Thug, Savage 21 or Quavo, who won the prize for "the best rap / vocals performance" and Bringing your collaboration between different artists.

He was not present for his prizes and despite some of the American media to be able to; played on the stage at the gala evening, as Drake and Kendrick Lamar warners, main names.

"This Is America" ​​also competes in the two major Grammy awards, "Recording of the Year" and "Song of the Year", which will be given later in the evening.

She was born in California 35 years ago, Childish Gambino is also successful on the small screen, created by the "Atlanta" series and in which he plays one of the key roles.

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