"Children are the fire of flu"


At the beginning of the conversation, the doctor will make it clear: One difference is needed between the actual influenza virus, and four types. “A serious influenza infection is a serious infection,” the painter knows. It does not apply to cold, which has a nose pain and body tissue. “Flu is terrible. At least one week with fever and bronchitis in the bed, it is very dirty. If you have not been immunized. "Michael Horn gets all the flu" just against the face "each year, as he puts it, it gets a vaccine every year.


Those who come to use it and are vaccinated at the time of flu, which is "little use of", needs checking, according to Dr. Watson. Horn. "The other people have found it completely this year."

The pediatrician refers to flu as one of the common diseases of the kindergarten. “People always say that people in the flu are fire. The fact that the viruses spread through the outbreak of tuberculosis as a wild fire amongst the children. ”In the nursery class, the smaller ones are vulnerable to migraine, which is good for the immune system. insomuch that the children are ready for a lot longer, the doctor knows, but it can be dangerous for the boys and girls to bring the disease home and to bring vulnerable people, such as t grandma, grandpa, or other family members with a frail heart This can be fatal, the number of deaths that can cause flu, mortality, the number of statistics worked out by the Robert Koch Institute. "It is thought that there are 1 000 to 5 000 people dying each year in influenza infection," explains Dr. Horn.

There are several types of the influenza virus. At present, the H1N1 virus is currently circulated. How do you best protect yourself and your children? "It is proposed that you have a vaccine every year," Horn. However, it is not absolutely necessary. "You can compare the rejuvenation of flu from the repetition of terms," ​​said the pediatrician.

In fact, if he has taken a child, first to visit the piper. If this is looking for infectious disease, the child should not be allowed to attend nursery. And when is it allowed again without danger to affect other children? According to Dr. Horn, the child should return to nursery if he or she has at least 24 hours of fever.

As it happened, that should not help parents on the dolphins. Because fever is a fever. "Parents often come to me and say that they have already given antipyretic drugs to the child and then think that the fever is always repeated," said Dr med. Horn. The body has a very good reason to be in the fever. "This is the body's only protection against flu," he said. So it wasn't so bad, if there were two children, three or four years of 40 degrees Fieber. “The fever is not a disease, it stops the virus coming into the body. In conclusion, Dr. A horn on the working group's website working on Robert Koch's Institution, influenza.rki.de. Here everyone can return the data on flu pandemic and they can also see in detail on the German map, when and where it will be. Annabelle Voss

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