Children exposed to pollution can develop a "severe breathing disease".


Dr Gilles Dixsaut, president of the Paris Committee for respiratory illnesses, is warning of the effect of particularly pollution on the youngest children.

Air pollution is improving "developing acute diseases or respiratory illnesses, particularly infectious diseases" in children, Thursday, March 28 on franceinfo presented Dr Gilles Dixsaut, president of the Ile-de-France committee against respiratory disease.

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"The effect is higher for the younger children because this child has a non-sound breathing system" t, said the expert, two organizations today show maps of the level of air pollution near each school.

franceinfo: Is there any comments on the effects of this pollution on children?

Gilles Dixsaut: Children have been affected by pollution for a long time. Smoking awareness [brume épaisse composée de polluants atmosphériques] in London in the 1950s, ahead of open children, respiratory diseases once adults. This is a long-term impact, as well as the immediate impact that is caused by developing acute diseases or severe respiratory diseases, particularly infectious.

This is due to near nitrogen dioxide?

Yes, it's a grip of the air routes. However, they are also spread by particles, particularly fine and fine grains, which are the airway corridors but have other wider effects on the body as they will introduce them to the circulation and the organs to t reach all. There are also other environmental features that play, including to the bacterial and viral environment: it protects children in relation to this environment, it is a factor in the heart of the yoke. And it affects the situation with air pollution.

Is the impact similar also to the age of the children ?

The effect is higher for the youngest children, perhaps because these children have a non-sound breathing system. It develops during childhood and childhood. Air pollution affects the children's breathing system when it is open to high levels or continued levels of pollution. So more and more young children are likely to have an important pollution impact.

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