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Last week a number of children from a swimming group contacted them last week Borgholm bathhouses following sensible reactions under the legs.

Bathroom sampling He looked the pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium has been entered into the building through the training body's exercise equipment.

– We have removed this material quickly from our buildings. The Burgh of Burgh and the Barracks have taken extensive examples of the bathroom and these samples have been returned with very good values. Any follow-up inspection will follow until a time Emelie Petersson, manager of Borgholms busy.

The areas that have been set up the equipment has been solved and the bacterium is thought to have been removed.

– The disease control unit has been holding a national conference today (Thursday) when a number of restaurants in the country suffered this bacterium. Cases of infectious diseases have concluded that there is no risk of infection from person to person. There are no fears, according to Emelie Petersson.

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