Children's bath mines are moved – and there's no worry about it


I did the final list of the toys I did not; do when I did something that was doing my stomach. I raised a bath toy – a rubber drum – and I gave it a solution. There was a black-gray black-gray gun shot.

Oh God, what was that?

I took a board of gear and a knife of bread and broke it in. Undoubtedly, the inside of the drum stopped a thin part of something dark and slimy: enveloped.

This drum was among the toys that they got into my child's waterproof several times a week. The only water my family sat, singing "Shark Baby" to make their horns their fingers and their toes up. The only water that turned my bubble with my 5-year-old woman and her; bent over my face, my knee swallowed 1 hard cup before we could stop it.

Of course, I always wanted to eradicate water, but I did not have to complete my list of health concerns. Children have been drinking water from the beginning, I encouraged myself. How much can they hurt, indeed? The rubber drum roof wanted me to rethink the question.

Avoiding mold to & # 39; work

Increased millet and bacteria increase the pressure of rubber ducks to dry. Picture / Getty Images
Increased millet and bacteria increase the pressure of rubber ducks to dry. Picture / Getty Images

The fact is, it takes a lot of work – aware, work alone – to avoid a machine. We live in the north of Virginia, where there are cozy summers and a water steam; hung in the atmosphere. Here, we will attack a software in one place, and it will be a "#; appear in another place, such as the biggest whack-a-mole game (gameplayers play a stick game to hit kisses toys, which go into the holes and then to & # 39 ; coming out of another hole). I have spoiled the waves of my daughter's high chair, in splitting my son's cup cup and under his son "Paw Patrol" bath.

Not myself. Quick Internet research will return examples of many parents; find a mold that flows in their bathtub, and stay inside their favorite circle, even if they are there; fall inside a zoo box.

So I turned to the experts for some answers. Frederik Hammes, a microbiologist at the Swiss Institute of Electricity at Water and Technology Technology, known as "too bad", at least from a microbial perspective.

Last year, Hammes led a research team that sampled 19 used toy baths that were collected from five Swiss families. They would spread to & # 39; Opening toys and tested on a small machine of microbirals and seeds. They received as much as 20 million cells of bacteria and fungi per square centimeter in the bath toys used in households, an average of 9.5 million cells. Most bath toys also had a & # 39; including the Pseudomonas aeruginosa habitat, which recognized that he was infected with diseases in the area of ​​emergency protection, Hammes said. The study was published in the magazine NPJ Biofilms and Microbiomes.

Although the study was too small to be more widely outside the Swiss houses, the results were not surprising, Michael Daibhidh, assistant professor in the Department of State Papers, said the Department of Pennsylvania.

"There is a likelihood of a collection of fungi and bacteria inside bath toys," he said. "And some of these bacterial and fungal species are related to human diseases."

Millions of spoons always floating in the air and need the right conditions for growth and success. The bathy beads, with their holes that have a stable water collection, and & # 39; shaking in the badly converted bathrooms, the formal breeding ground for these spores.

"Whether it's a wet cloth in the dining room or playing outside the child, it's only a while before placing spores on it, and giving it Nutrition and adequate water, they will grow, "said David.

But David said that the topic was given for an important purpose, one that should be given parental comfort. As an expert, infectional infections that have treated hundreds of patients with fungal diseases, he has never seen a healthy person protected by a mold that they know; coming from bath toys or other children's materials.

"The reason I think is that a topic has not been discovered has not come up as a problem," he said. "People have never been infected with a disease caused by the types of moisture that grows at home."

Susan Huang, medical director for epidemiology and disease prevention at the University of California at the Irvine Medicine School, and a mother of two.

"Healthy healthy children have a positive effect that allows them to bring in and treat spoil spores, even some of them are consumed by an accident," she said. "Nothing really happens – but only people are disturbing something."

There are some exceptions. There are more children at risk from severe mills with children involved in immunity, such as cancer patients who are receiving treatment, or children with very severe diseases. So, people with tumors of tobacco or sinus or non-regenerative diabetes, David said.

Including the spores can also be aligned or a & # 39; curious, especially for children, Maureen Lichtveld, chairman of the division of global environmental health sciences at the Public Health and Tropical Medicine School in New Orleans at Tulane University. "It's something that does not belong to our life," she said, "and he wants to make sure you do not install the uninhabited protection system."

Lichtveld is more secure than an arrow to handle. If it was up to her, children would never get swimmers; they would go. When traveling, she has a personal ritual to avoid unnecessary avoidance.

"The first thing I do, if there is a lump in the hotel bath, if I'm moving it," she said. "On the back of the toilet."

It's the good news, there's a lot of news; parents can do to reduce the amount of damage and bacteria. Bottle spawning in boiling water or microwave. Press the rubber ducks, and dry on bath mats. Holes in bath toys can be sealed with a hot-moving gun or the larger drill for easy scratching. And most importantly, follow basic hygiene and common peace. (Read: If you see a black gun, like the type that grows inside my rubber drum, throw the piece of stuff.)

"There is no such thing as a tough environment, but we do anything we can do more harmful, we should," said Lichtveld.

But still, most parents should sleep well, even if they lost their most recent rescue fan.

"I'm sure I'll come in clean if I see it at the bottom of the bath room, because it looks like," said Huang. "But I know it does not harm my family."

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