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3 young people are trying to make a free order on McDonald's hand screens and it does go a little bit t

Australia .- The fast food restaurant division, despite the healthy lives of many people today, continues to grow. That is why the main shops in the department are always trying to become leaders and get to the attention of users. Essentially, there are two competitions in fast food: McDonald's and Burger King. He is the first indefinite company of the region, selling more than 22,000 800 million dollars per year, significantly exceeding 1.220 million dollars of Burger King.

But today, McDonald's is not famous for selling but for a viral video that is now in a day and has had the opportunity to see YouTube and where two young people question the order machines. T are at McDonald's in their restaurants.

By using the strategy, they get a switch at a cost of 0

In particular, it is about three young Australians who have found a game to get burgers in these self-service devices. In the video we show below you will see one of these young people choosing a hamburger 1 dollar on a touch-screen the machine. After selecting the hamburger from McDonald's, add another 10 and make changes to enable you to remove $ 1.10.

After this, a typical burger adds order and a voice in the video saying: "There are 10 hamburgers unfilled, a normal burger, oh, we got discounts, this is very good". For this special order, the system lowers $ 0.10 per burger, which makes a full discount of $ 1 and when they ask for their normal burger, they will get it at a cost of 0.

The video has 1 million views in one day

So the machine proves that there is no need to pay and that it prints a number of orders when that filming ends with the three young Australians opening a brown bag of MacDonald containing the usual cupboard and several empty leaves with gherkins and tomato sauce

The video, as we said, has been successful on the Internet and more than 1 million results have already been achieved and the reactions have not come a long way. Lots of people think that these three young people were breaking into Macdonald's self-service machines and others that were not.

The news comes after you know that McDonald has started work on the start of the Dynamic Yield, which will use false knowledge to give consumers the experience of complete experience, but he does. T A series of hamburgers, with this stroke, seems rather than the use of robotics to improve their menus. You will need to use it to develop your self-service tools.


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