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5 foods to expose your body when your dependence on the decline of Life

In the middle of the holiday season, one of the biggest cleaners is to drink; claim that the most important place is: alcohol.

And in Chile and in many countries, alcohol drinks are one of the most important places in the holidays, especially in the Year & New.

This is why hundreds of campaigns are inhibitors to avoid excessive alcohol consumption, so that there are no disasters for health related problems.

Despite that, if you are in a. Feel that you drink too much of this New Year or drink the drink still; spinning in your body, there is a "detox" food that will help you; reprinting and feeling better again.

1. Chewing water

The main thing, after a night out, is to live for yourself. That's why, first of all, you should drink a lot of lunch that will make you totally healthy. It is one of the biggest tips in cocoa water, which will help you; Getting back quickly, it's a natural isotonic drink, as we explained in an earlier article.

2. Ginger ginger or mint

If that is to be & # 39; Hydrating, you're sad, feeling, these robots are right for you. You need to heat a little water and mix it with ginger and mint, and drink it. Shortly you will find relief, according to Beatriz Larrea, health coach & # 39; and author of the book "Changes to change your life", in Vogue.

3. Tomato soup

Larrea suggests that there is a tomato juice for a & # 39; feel better.

"Usually, after a night of a drink, you wake up with low levels of sugar, so the juice of the fruit is a way of building and feeling better," which Beatriz definition.

"Try to be made with sugar with sugar, as they cause the stomach. The best thing? Tomato, pineapple, apple …", he said.

4. Bananas

Includes a high potassium index, which, according to the expert; explain, help & # 39; eliminating the body.

5. Oatmeal

"It's complex in the vitamin B B, a body that produces alcohol in the body," said the expert. You can use it with produce, which also includes this type of feed.

Other guidance

The life of Stefanie Chalmers explained in a previous note from BioBioChile that some steps can be taken as follows:

1. When you woke up, to waste many of the water, as purely as possible, such as water or splitting.

2. An sports drinks They also serve, although it should be remembered that it is possible to make refurbished drinks (1 lemon juice with 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon of marine salt, 2 pulses of sugar, 1 teaspoon of bladder soda, all in 1 liter of boiled water).

3. Eat with easy-to-stream provisions, for example Vegetable crops, rich in minerals, but by removing its & # 39; Most of the frame (take all vegetables). An cares, cooked apples and rice They suffer well to stop total employment.

4. An marine sprout They are excellent to overcome the discomforts caused by alcohol toxicity, but it is not possible to get rid of them. Praise only when excavation works well.

5. If you have given tension problems, it is recommended use lactobacilli. These are sold in supermarkets in the milk department, in the form of small individual bottles.

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