6 useful activities on your iPhone and Android console that you may not know

You have a cell phone for years, but are you sure you've found the games that it is hiding? We see.

Your mobile phone has been running through years and years of success and research to be the most needed device you find, although indeed your cell phone is iPhone or Android He has more responsibilities than you think. Here we will tell you some of the most well-known.

Your cell phone features that you did not know

Drive with a keyboard on iPhone

there was @krissys_kitchen on Twitter to divide the trick in a simple tweet. It was not expected that someone would go to her; point he made. And, most, most people did not know this "secret". It's simple, it's not a lot of science, and it's still committed to doing it the most simplified world to many people

Read in the dark that hurt you

For those who use Android, there is a simple solution to them to read at night without going to; damages the scene. They can use the night mode (it is activated in the screen menu). Another thing you can do is go Access to record of your cone phone and the negative way. Everything looks very ugly, but it will be much healthier for your eyes at night.

Unscrewed screen shot

This is only working on some cell phones. You can do screenshots without simply pressing, just by & # 39; Give your hand over the screen from the right to the left. To activate this function, go to Settings and from there to the mobility and motion menu, if it appears on your phone.

Ctrl + Z on iPhone

If you have deleted something that is not forgetful, you can confirm it as if you were the "Ctrl + Z" class of your computer. You just have to do to scratch your iPhone and a button appears eliminate the last move.

Register your cell phone to turn off itself

This is something like thisAs the timer you can put on your television. If your cell phone is on iPhone, go to Settings and then access. So, "On and on the program". Now add the time you want to send the phone away and away by itself.

Other iPhone … improve your mark

If you are outside your city and the signal that is coming to the iPhone is very awesome, there is a way to improve everything. Enter this code as if you were going to call * 3370 # and the enhanced full-rate method will be light. So the signal will be significantly improved. To turn off add the same code. Important: to activate this procedure, your battery will be faster because everything is not happy.

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