7 health advice you should note when you travel

Take a trip This means a & # 39; leave your range of safety. In addition to the fact that we need to go beyond the places where we feel comfortable, leaving the partnership range also means to & # 39; showing us to rare risks that we are too long.

Personal health open to our dangers when we travel tropical or beautiful areas, ecosystems where diseases can be different from the normalization of normal habits. So it's important that you get to these places well prepared and be aware of it travel cure.

1. Get a vaccine

get a vaccinated trip
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Travel can be fun, and in general it is, as long as you are not sick. Then, you can suffer all sports that you may have.

Before going to tropical or square places, be sure to insert all the vaccines that come to your case. Here is a list of vaccines that should not be lost from your list.

  • Yellow fever
  • Dengue
  • Green-dude
  • Malaria
  • Hepatitis A and B.
  • Oatmeal
  • Poliomelitis

2. Jet Lag

We know as Jet Lag al set of corporate and psychological marks of change to schedule when they move from different areas. We can prove from changes to touring circle and exams.

You can reduce its impact by taking water, and # 39; Set a lot before you leave, or use drugs if your case is heavy.

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Photograph: Clachan

3. Buy traveler

An be a traveler It will happen when we go to it; Using a "committed" food abroad or our system is not used for eating, so it re-responds in a way that is not really enjoyable or attractive to anyone.

In these cases, it is best to go with a prior knowledge of what you are trying to try and what is not, or you can also take your own food, although this will bring some magic from your knowledge.

4. Sunshine

It is a common mistake that you will appear to sunshine during the holiday period, as if the same impact was at the same time; sun to the rest of the days. Include sunscreen about the parts you want to tan, and you solve your lost.

5. Mosquitoes

In tropical areas you should be aware of the mosquitoes that surround you as they are agents of dangerous diseases. make sure Always lose their behavior and insert it to your body so that mosquitoes do not come near you.

6. The clothes

When traveling, by bus or by plane, try free clothing to enhance the spread of good blood. This proposal is related to clothing and shoes.

7. Sleep

When we sleep in our beds, we can move as big as we want because we have a lot of room. However, the situation changes when we are in a bus or by plane, where we are the seats have small places.

That is what we are advising sleep at times and stretch their legs as long as you can.

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