90% of people with dysphagia were not properly tested or treated

MADRID, December 7 (MAIN EUROPA) –

About 90% of people suffering from dysphagia are properly diagnosed or treated, despite being a common disorder, according to Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition. Dysphagia is related to the problem or discomfort that is going to be in place; fill food or wounds correctly and food may exceed the air.

Dysphagia homosexuality is largely related to advanced age people. Twenty-five people out of the elderly and 47 per cent of those in hospital have bad concerns. suffer this change. However, it is also common to find people under 60 who are suffering from dysphagia, and those with oncological (60-75%) and birdic paths, such as multiple sclerosis (90%), Parkinson's Disease (82%), dementia (80%), ELA (75%) not stroke (55%).

There are more than two million people in Spain suffering from dysphagia, means that they may be experiencing difficulties such as disruption to & # 39; desires, suffering victimization or adverse effects. Indeed, 32% of patients with a dysphagia are estimated to be ' suffering from bad damage.

One of the main problems associated with dysphagia is anxiety and dehydration, as it stops eating due to the incidence that the person creates; filling any beer or food. That is why it is very important to ensure that it is treat a good nutrition "with a diet suitable for respiratory, equipment, caloric and protein reception", featuring the chief executive of ESSD, secretary Furega and Research Director of Sanitari del Maresme, Pere Clavé.

In addition, patients with dysphagia and ill health in hospital are estimated to have a life expectancy of 6 months to 1 year. Therefore, early treatment and proper remedy "are fundamental components", telling the expert.

To raise awareness and promote high visibility and high levels of this disease, Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition, the European Association of Dysphagia (ESSD) and the Research Institute in Gastroenterology (Furega) have begun, within the campaign & # 39; Swallow Well, judging sessions held in different hospitals in Spain.

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