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A & # 39; fifth for Morning Santiago

He threw a "microbuser" crash on Palestine and was crowned as a women's football pocket. Lindsay Zullo is the one on the one.

Santiago Morning He was crowned as the best female team of the year. The "microbusero" box influenced Palestine 3-2 in the last episode and finally, Hears a warrior for the first time in his history.

The aims of the "microbuseras" María Francisca Mardones (28 & 39), Lindsay Zullo (47 & 39) and Catalina López (85 & 39). America was the figure that happened.

The average "Arab" discounts were scored by María José Urrutia, who was chosen nationally (40 & 91;

The directors of Paula Navarro raised their first historical title in the & # 39; fifth final debated: He was Colo Colo's squad in the previous four to play it (Opening 2014, Closing 2014, Closing 2016, Closing 2017)

In addition, Santiago Morning will be representing Chile in the next Copa Libertadores nam Ban.

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