A certified complainant fact that was previously made against the Aysen priest

Vicariate Abstol Aysén decided the previous investigation of the allegations against the priest Porfirio Díaz Reyes and concluded that there are elements that allow to verify how easy the facts are expressed , about sexual impairment of minority.

For this reason, the disagreements were sent to the Congregation for Religious Education; Vatican, a group that has the potential to investigate the worst objections that will affect the priests of the Catholic Church.

As long as its & # 39; Analogical process, the priest Díaz will keep the precautionary measures that were introduced last June, that is, reliance on the ecclesiastical offices and public exercise of the ministry.

"Aysén's Apostolic Remedy is a sad feeling for this truth and still promises to find the truth, welcome those who are influencing and commitment to human life and human protection, "he said in a statement.

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