A climbing staircase will confirm if you are in a position; suffering from cancer or heart disease, according to health survey cancer | Life

Examine indicates climbing stairs can be displayed or displayed; predict premature death risk with heart disease, The cancer and other bad. Learn how the author of this inquiry came to this conclusion.

It seems that it is a simple exercise or physical exercise, however, climbing a staircase can show or risk of premature death heart disease, cancer and other illnesses. This has been published recently study will be presented at a meeting of the European Union Cardio-knowledge

But how could climbing the stairs warn you if you do not? suffering the heart of mourning? According to the study, People who have a greater capacity to stand up high levels of dysfunction; Physical activity is less likely to die cancer not of heart disease.

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In order to carry out the study, the participants assessed physical exams, but with an electrocardiogram. According to Dr. Jesus Peteiro, author of the study and charter expert at A Coruña University Hospital, Spain, has a simple way to demonstrate the ability to exercise people. How come?

If an individual can climb four stairs airways at an accelerated speed speed, in less than a minute, it indicates that there is a good ability to exercise, but if not, you must create physical habits in the & # 39; your daily business.

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"Physical activity has a positive impact on the weight of lip and lipids, which reduces the bleaching and enhances the response of the body's immune response to tumors," said the specialist today.

The study found that levels of death from heart disease at people with low active ability were almost three times higher than the subject level with a good exercise capacity, and there was a death of nearly double cancer.

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"I want them to warm up and get their point of breathing, not to be lost, but it's a challenge . And stay as long as you can, "said Dr. Andrew Freeman, a barrier barrier of psychotic psychology and wellbeing at the National Jewish Social in Denver and said that people should work co- at least 30 minutes a day.

At the same time, Dr. Peteiro is the best exercises to increase physical activity to walk, and # 39; running, cycling and a & # 39; swimming, activities that people can enjoy and bring them long-term benefits.

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