A cure that has been investigated for sexual abuse in Calbuco dies

On this morning, the priest José Francisco Núñez Calisto, who had been accused of sex abuse against the elderly in Calbuco, Los Lagos Department, died in late 2017.

According to starter information, he died at his sister's house in the vicinity Vicenna Mackena. Staff of the Murder of Research Policy (PDI) attended the site, which carried out the tests in a fit and coherent manner; asking about death.

After discovery, the Legal Medical Service (SML) came to the site of the event to remove the body.

The pastor priest, Francisco Núñez Calisto, was refused for abuse in Puerto Montt, who sent a letter back to the Francis Peppe, at the end of July 2018, where he sent his letter to " leaving his ministry, besides that he gave another man in which he founded his conviction about the process he started against

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