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A day in Rare, the British mythological studio of Banjo Kazooie & 39; that want to transform the story in video games with the most recent from 'Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39;

All the photographs have the same frame; gold and thick, with molds like cake shoes. Inside … anything in the catalog, conceptual art from Kameo: Elements of Power & Banjo, Kazooie & Viva Piñata; … At the entrance, a gloomy maiden and her blue eyes laughing for the visitor t beneath the rasping head. And on the other side of the glass walls are the aisles, a large area and wood where a lack of cannon and a kippering vessel is not full of life size figures. His most famous franchises.

Rough There are pictures of the artists 'conceptual artwork covering the main hallway of the building with some of the buildings' columns.

We are in rare; A mythical study of the Stamper (Tim and Chris) brothers' video game established 33 years ago. A fascinating study of the sky during eight magical years with Nintendo (1994-2002), delivering some of the finest video games in history: 'Donkey Kong Country', 'Perfect Dark & # 39 ;, 'Killer Instict'; or 'GoldenEye 007'. Examination into one of the major jewels held by the Microsoft crown on 24 September 2002 with 345 million dollars. Examine his earthquake the unusual generation (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3) has spent three decades fighting for it come back to success rate.

That identity has come in the form of a patch patch, a shoulder on the shoulder and a saber on the belt. Yes Thieves & 39; game (without breaking up on the way) in the title which the main course of the game has changed. Within the ocean, Rare tries to do things as we play multiplayer t online and how we communicate within a video game.

During the day we spent our studio, we were able to immerse themselves in the legacy of all the people he has committed, speaking with Now your headline figures, that is no longer yesterday, and plays the two new ways of extending that community over the five million players around the world. But we might also feel how much the change will be to the studio when the new game it involves asks us to re-establish the relationship with its users. In rare cases: disappearing from complete confidentiality to full visibility; address the pixels.

We invite you to come along for this item one of the most spectacular investigations on the videogame. But be careful, that is the Kraken has never slept.

How the pirates sound

Robin Robin gets a garage-gurdy (in English that is much more funny and pirates: hurd-gurdy) and he started playing for journalists. The writer 'Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39; (and 'Donkey Kong Country', 'GoldenEye', 'Gemini Force Jet', 'Killer Instict') launching error Combined with this complex instrument, the twelve journalists who fill their studio. listing. That's like a dead cat and it's dead we laugh. Robin also.

He tells us that very few people in the world might speak to him extensively – he tells him and he feels very much that Amancio Prada has been. closes the decades with the gurdy gurdy to up half of Spain and not including them. However, as the video game contains many unrecognized and unseen objects, added to it different deep textures; designed

Robin visits his double-survey and shows us how that dead cat in the gurus can turn something different. "The gurdy garage has no scales, there is no mechanical range, but with digital processing we can achieve this." urdy-hhd virtual annie that can play well beyond your notes, without losing the oily sound and amorullero said; already alone he is talking about sandwiches on bad feet and rabbit on the ocean.

Rough The sound recording room, surrounded by objects and instruments, is rare.

Before, in another room, we could see those things that sometimes come out in the room. doing of the films when there is time to talk about a sound design. In a room matched by instruments, Robin and his colleagues they can create any sound they want. As the sound strikes the sound of your feet in the sand. As if it were a secret room, it has been amazing for everyone to create a sound that isn't available in digital bookshops. The sound of Rare real authors and control.

It is here that Craig Duncan sees the legacy of this company. He has been with the company for the past eight years, and since then became head back in February 2011, shortly before the famous Stamper brothers began. they will stop the ship. I sent him out to see if he read the article about Anthem & # 39; by Kotaku, who talked about the whole trip; he will laugh and he says, that was 11,000 words. The reader's director of Sea of ​​Thieves, Mike Chapman, was read; all words

Then I throw the invalid question: why are you there, in rare, and not anywhere else? In the answer MarketingOf course; no-one was flyingIf there are two fingers before, hanging clothes from his investigations. But also a answers that get truth. “Very little, we're here for the games that no one else can do,” said Duncan. Chapman is making it in a different way, except: "He was a child who fell in love with Donkey Kong Country." For me, Rare was just like Disney, that's the rest t a sign of knowledge.

Rough Each corner of the studio was mounted by the pirate attack.

That is in an honor we want to play the big names of the game. Capcom, Konami, from Software, Roma, as well as Sega or Nintendo, are memory boxes for players. And they are just because of the harvesting that is taking place; for these gold pictures on the walls surround the work of the artists; by the direction and guns in the survey garden; for the Bhanjo which gets the visitors, some Jurassic Park, after opening the doors. Here there is love for story and legacy.

Is that trying to save himself automatically, in the video game industry, from the shipwreck? There are not many fewer. But when a company acceptance and regarded it as unusual (and you will only need to confirm that religious knowledge that they have demonstrated); he is a worthy recipient.

Once that is never

We had three session sessions throughout the day of new material that Rare will keep first-year 'Sea of ​​Thieves';. Two of them wanted to give us a song; directed by one of the developers, who acted as captain, we sent one of one PVP more crazy, funny and funny what I remember

But it was something that was very interesting for him in another basic step of this year: The Golden Coasts; that is the first bundle of it Descriptive campaigns for Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39;. The mission was not an amazing phenomenon, but how the content is structured. I love using a stronger epithet: uprising.

From 'Anthem', to the modern world of Amazon, we have been talking here, the big online worlds are appearing, in part. T differ, to be a major problem: t lack of content. The visual level of video games and the decisions of the players come together to make it harder to live up to the kind of thing accepted for SEN.

Muir of Thieves Tall Tales Shores of Gold Conceptual art 'The Coast Coasts', its first pack of 'Sea of ​​Thieves'.

'Sea of ​​Thieves'; especially when he was launched. To the extent that our partners in Extra Life draw on their analysis, with a good reason, that this was larger than the beta of the last game.

But things can change.

This year we have seen how Massive's great friendship met that Endgame glorious for Section 2. Recycling all events in the game with attack from new doors and moves weapons and trees that were not opened up after the campaign end. heroine Ubisoft sold us a game that had its own non-finite content. Rarely uses its own strategy to achieve the same thing in 'Sea of ​​Thieves'; but with a very unusual strategy.

It was when we solved a simple puzzle, changed the shape of a number of columns to open a coffin, that was light-hearted in mind. I have considered: well, it is just the solution that has been chosen; Maybe it is anyone. When he returns to the main room with the developers, a shadow was turned into a fire. The mission we had played was just t elements of methodology.

This means that there is a fluid and inflexible mission, led by CNG elements which will restore themselves. And here it is added The impact of Ubisoft; that is, although we are on our way or in a mission, the world is still alive and dynamic. to make things difficult for us. Our team were, of course, due to start the mission again as soon as they started on Kraken they fell out fairly.

Muir of Kraken Thieves How to Find The Kraken As you can protect it Kraken Loot 5001 1522165261552 The Kraken, one of the dynamic elements of the world 'Sea of ​​Thieves'.

What is new, what makes my mind happen, is that the aims of a mission may be recreated to see what the rogue is like to do so well. Today the mission X ends me to go to an island like this and I am changing the islands and aim tomorrow: every game is different. "We'll do that exactly for that," Mike Chapman, keen and enthusiastic, committed this overward side. "It's, as you say, a new design philosophy, and we're just beginning, the opportunities are endless."

They are; and they may be good for some of the future keys to meet the crazy demands of the players. At this time the elements played by them were very small, but clear impact on the matter gameplay. That the islands where the objects were to be carried out were distinct and that the challenges within these islands had elements to settle a speculative settlement. (like the one we have solved). But Chapman admitted to me that they are thinking about how this can be used for more fundamental elements.

Clearly, there are walls that can stop shooting guns to imagination. We do not yet have the NPCS methodology discussion system; and, if you wish to complete multiple marks for a linear route, then It's a matter of each one to create a product. But now a fair that takes in the 'Tieves Sea'. It is exciting because we could look at that vision which integrates the best possible level of pre-mission mission by the random and unpredictable nature owner MMO.

Speak as a high power

At a rare door, at the reception, t it is the subject of a pirate ship. It is a unique sailing ship as his art invoice has not come from the hands of one of Rare's artists. It is a supporter who has modified that ship.

In the many tears of Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39; there is a character who is a famous player in your community. And when Joe Neate, an active producer of Sea of ​​Thieves, heard me, I suggested a crazy idea – that they picked a well-known player and they changed it to t the last chief in any of the seasons – He took out his mobile phone and wrote them down.

Rough The room in which creators are made up of Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39; recording their videos for the community.

It is in a rare state a clear sense of community; it happens to a standard video game industry. When Jason Della Roca came to Madrid to give a fuller and vivid talk about selling videogame – as part of community events indie from Madrid People's (GDC) lectures – enforcing by being enthusiastic and tolerant that all research aimed at success today needs or must be. the overriding aim of creating a community.

Strangely, you don't have to pull fun into expanding this community. For example, they told us that they had been worn half a million pounds by allowing a series of twenty-room rooms to invite players and journalists to prove their content in the studio. These games obviously add to it valuable information Photographers carrying out an analysis of issues.

There is also an investment, and an interest, in the restaurant where creators create the video week spent a week and a week too. It has been created only speak to the players; this thing has everything to do with everything that is equivalent to it, by introducing the fans in the world that they love the world.

This opening has two distinct effects. In order for inspections to be transparent it must be clear how they change in the future. Two, power developers and industry focus; you can see the faces behind the video game going to work sympathy between the public and the authors extracting power from the depersonalized sign and applying it to specific people who can establish human contact. Both, though their edges and edges do exist, are likely to be crucial to this industry and how tight they are (not without trauma) to allow the air to run.

Then there is another side of the community we can get raw, raw and stripped with gunpowder, in Arena mode, the PVP of Sea of ​​Thieves. How good is speaking?; Even with strangers, when the atmosphere is nice and you can see the face. It's like Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39; one of the best video games in history in this series: to encourage people to speak. And to make people realize so many of those things that have gone that far: perform memorable work; that is remembered.

Community of Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39; formed in these games because of the layout of the game mechanics. In an action title, 'Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39; 'The Division is being spoken; but not many are spoken. After the activity is wild, t the conversations are responding to him; breaking the rifles is turning into a buzzer of words, t draw attention to him as amazing as terms.

But, when the player has more interesting activities – for example, taking out a logbook book to know where to set the course – these conversations get deeper. I think that was the tutifruti of Mechanics Prefer with 'Sea of ​​Thieves'; conversations like this.

There's a lot for talking about it in Sea of ​​Thieves & # 39; … Already on the boat, we talk about the wind, the course, whether water should be drained and released, if you see enemy land or ships. On an island, in the full study of the treasure, we must discuss whether we describe the map well or not, which digs and protects, that live on the ship. the skeleton. It is all of these discussions, which are not really stopping creating bold adventure.

Although the distance is increasing in the PVP – the event is becoming a spectacular race to detect treasure in a hurry or to steal that which has caused us the trouble – the conversations are still going So much faster, but in fact they are worse and deeper warrior. As I say, talking is the thing that incorporates our memories posteriori. And what promotes the teams and, therefore, the community. At the end of the game, although we were very tight, the four pirates of my golden squad spoke of how tidy he would be continuing with the adventure when we return home to stay in stead. to have people with him so.

I said it to Samuel, a houseman, when we played The Division & 39; Together with Claudia Rizzo 's 20 minutes, at an event in Washington. But here the sport is even clearer. It is something that sofa players still struggle, but live in this new century of community games with friends, games that encourage conversation and so forth. familiar with adventure adventure, one of one of the most extraordinary interactive experiences of a man.

Won't 'Pokemon Go & 39'; for this, as people attack it on Madrid, in a herd, t to hunt pokémons prey. 'Sea Thieves', if you keep working hard on wearing tours, muscles and skin, the skeleton of your idea (to name a few things, the system can be a great improvement and perhaps it should be) recommend a third-party camera, t asking for the same thing.

Rough The fountain with Rre Rare chairs a tablecloth. Geek reveals herself

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