A five-year-old body in Sweden tells about the mystery of its first plague case in Europe

Birch strain found in the teeth DNA of a group with more than 5,000 years, as confirmed by Swedish geneticists, to their virus & # 39; Yersina Pestis, which affected plague in the Stone Age Europe.

The experts are sure, and informing the Live Science media, that there are the only genetic changes that are in place; make the disease dead today, unless it is handled over time.

A farmer's body was found – of the same age and the same grave – there are also residues of the virus. The authors of the product believe they are; look at signs first disease is highly discharged of humanity.

Strain of a plague killed by the Swedish woman about 5,700 years ago, according to your genetic analysis. Scientists from Denmark and France, who participated in the research, examined a genome of more than 1,000 organizations from that time and later, known as Bronze Age.

The results showed, in a short period of about 600 years, increased the virus across Europe, south-east Russia to Sweden.

Nicolás Rascován, Argentinean and biologist at the Aix-Marseille University, as well as an author investigating these detections, showing that there was no human immigrant there; It might be possible to define that spread, because it does not. they got a dispute between the different numbers that were possible.

"Just for the time when we see the spread of a plague, new technological innovations such as wheel transport and animal dragging, which mean that the simple way of life is spread over long distances," Explains Rascovan.

About 5,000 years ago, Asian immigrants gave crops and stock to Europe. At that time, their first settlements of up to 20,000 residents had risen, where people and cattle had grown. live together in a small area with very little hygiene.

For unknown reasons, at that time there was a massive population decline between 30% and 60%, similar to that in the Middle Ages with Black Death. Some of the cities were burnt and abandoned. It was the Stone Age end; there.

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