About 10 percent of the Mexican population have sleep apnea

Approximately 10 per cent of Mexican people have sleep apnea, which is marked by stopping breath while longing; he is sleeping

Guadalajara, December 8 (Notimex) .- Apnea falls around 10 percent of the Mexican population, which is marked by stopping the breath for a short while; asleep, María Ivette Muciño Hernández said.

He explained that obesity related to Obstructive Apnea Sleep (OSAHS) syndrome and in Mexico have their predominance in roots and cardiovascular problems in the world.

Muciño Hernández, co-ordinator of the Otorhinolaryngology modal, of the first twenty first International Developments in Medicine Congress (CIAM), Civil Civil of Guadalajara (HCG), has a heavy weight of 10 per cent Increasing the risk is your SAHOS.

Also, he said, cardiovascular problems have increased two or three times to & # 39; It is a risk to suffer if it is obesity.

He explained that there are very serious cases in which the patient relies on the breath for a longer period; Despite this sign, four out of five exhibitors at this stage are not aware of the situation.

The symptoms of the syndrome include sleeping during the day; spoiled; memory change; personalization changes; snoring and intense warnings or immersion.

Muciño Hernández said that the disease occurs in adults and children; In these latter situations, if they have their Sander, it is more likely to be in their lives. So, he emphasized the importance of preventing obesity through physical activity and balanced diet.

"The patient can use or help OSAHS with a superior rubber device to make it easier, but if you lose weight, there's a good answer," he said.

Although Raúl Durán López, model co-ordinator, said that there is an estimate of SAHOS, of which there are not 80% of the issues, middle degree badly, proven.

He clarified that snoring has no close relationship with apnea in every case, and when it is, it's nice, with places where the person stops breathing.

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