Advertising to reach Drive V Drive

Occasionally, Capcom has made very challenging questions with the fans, but now they may have crossed the line.

A few days ago, their company published that they would advertise the email. Street Fighter 5 game, and now he has finally reached the title and the truth looks straightforward.

We started to start how this system works. LAdvertising will appear both in valuers and in certain circumstances and will change Guillet's tattoo example for advertising, as well He will put some clothes on the clothes with more prominence.

The good thing is, for everyone who refused to make their characters be decorated in Formula 1 seeds, that is There is optional advertising and can be suspended from the options menu. At the time it is turned off you will not see them more independent of your opponent or not being activated.

Now, to keep players activated and get all the ads that Capcom wants, that is The company will give money in-game (FM) to those who to decide. It should be noted that this type of money can be used to buy the different DLC that the game has.

Advertising is only available in the characteristic features of the characters and so any other clothing will provide you from viewing it. In terms of the levels, this appears in three settings, launched to support Capcom Pro Tour.

It is worth noting that all ads come to Capcom Pro Tour and the content that can be downloaded to a game, but it would not be strange that it would not be sooner, suddenly, that a Guille tattoo or a White belt would not turn into a brand of company.

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