Alberto Kassis will evaluate the future in Copesa: "I see what I do"

The projector, with little profile, recognizes that media industry is not good. Today he wants to put his teams into the company he has been running for nearly 50 years, Cial, a parent company of brands such as San Jorge and La Preferida. It holds 16% of the media ownership company, which is a supporting La Tercera. The horizon has made important changes to improve its performance and Kassis could have a distinctive step.

There are very few trips when talking to the newspapers and very few people who do not know what they are doing. meet publicly with authorities. This is, despite how close to some political forts. This is Alberto Kassis Sabag, the businessman who received the Finance Minister, Felipe Larraín, formerly on his pudding factory on Pudahuel Avenue, where he was hanging on the ridge between canapés. "This is the kind of jobs that the President of Piñera wants to create," said the Secretary of State.

Kassis is always showing his factory, the founder of more than 50 years ago. "Here are those who have been working for 50 years, who are already two employees, we will give them Mazda," says happily. He believes that Labor Reform is not, even though he does not; Supporting companies, giving them too much. They have just pledged the closure of two sections of the company. Everyone in the factory says "Al" Alberto dha. It's not a factory, but a family business. His two daughters and his wife will participate in the board of directors. company. So, their plans do not open up to the & # 39; Fund or accompany partners with the Prefect and San Jorge matrix.

In a potato, which was a? including a salami sandwich, Kassis will bring its heritage out: she will serve the guests of Arabic socks. He says that the minister is welcome and his / her; Talk to two journalists who recognize it. The rest of the media do not have a & # 39; Given great attention, despite being & # 39; related to the business world.

The businessman was part of the group that was christened as one of the 10 mosques, Arab men who were surprised at their market in the late 80's by sending them up. buy Osorno bank. Part of that group was also integrated with the businessman Alvaro Saieh, his companion to the present day in the town kept of Copesa media. Then Saieh would start his life as a recognized banker.

Kassis was baptized with media as a Pinochet businessman closest to Michelle Bachelet. Effectively, there were outside houses to the south with the old President. Also, there are two old ministers of the dictator – known as "military government" – as part of his company's board of directors: Carlos Cáceres and Hernán Büchi.

The businessman is also part of the Pinochet Foundation board, where he is a councilor. Despite this, he has been recognized all the time for his comedy and his animation, as much as they met the old President several times later The holiday context, at dinners and meetings at Palestine ambassadors.

His projects are for CIAL, who also has a parent company. including Winter, and investing around US $ 20 million in a modern factory in 2019. In this complex, he has already invested more than US $ 100 million. It's its main business, but it's also a & # 39; One of his oil oil with his business friend José Said (regulator of Parque Arauco), invests in cranberries and horses and, in fact, Arabs.

"I have been a good feeling (for the Government) and I see confidence, there is something with this Government and I hope this will allow investments and the country continues to grow, we have a growing interest in the country, there is more spending in every order of things and that helps us as a food company, "he said Market.

The businessman, who is also the San Benito and Sinergia estate agencies, the La Reserva de Lancay farm and the Alka agraindustry, who had 16.6% of a joint shareholder owner Third and he has been a long time since he was saying he was expecting to get rid of his packet.

Pain of Copesa

The media is suffering from me tough and stormy, and, between repairs and closures, Copesa is one of the boats that are infected. address in an emergency that has reconsidered it. Jorge Andrés Saieh – son of the current ruler – is now managing progress to & # 39; band, who has taken a series of decisions to stop what is christened behind the scenes as a year of historical loss.

Paper closure of What's going on? and Paula, complete redesign of Fourth, and the changes Press and The Hour, has been part of the conclusions. When the old governor of the University of Adolfo Ibáñez, Andrés Benítez and Carolina Schmidt, who left the ship early to go to the Government, promised a health improvement that he did not yet reach.

The last news as the rule left Third by Juan Pablo Larraín. It was replaced by José Luis Santa María, who has not yet been confirmed in office. Some of the reasons why Kassis's requests are; done in Copesa. He never had a lot of business, but he would have a strong decision: he does not want Copesa to continue to; live in a sackless sack.

His evaluations were made through his representative in the directory, lawyer Luis Gutiérrez. Iris Calpa was stated in the report that Santa María's notification was delayed, without hesitating its potential, but due to "the investment differences that were withdrawn apart from 2014, the two partners are flat: since that year, Alberto Kassis has tried not to be successful to sell 16.6% to her partner, Álvaro Saieh , which accounts for 83.3% of the media organizations, but have not reached the price agreement and those who say that the owner of Cial Alimentos would power the post of director Third and senior executives. "

And that option is to find out the right nowadays. Although Kassis does not have to attract his day from incredible trips and he only gives some ideas that he does not want to make more ideas about Copesa. "I'm in a situation where I see what I'm doing … There's no easy business at the center," he said to El Mercado Largo. The work was happening.

Reduced costs would be part of the inconsistent order for executives over the vessel. Despite the media has made strong changes to the staff, the business is going to do it. shows that there would be a new solution in Copesa in March, which will handle a & # 39; her digital project. Digital format was also evaluated Third Monday to Thursday, but the option would have been removed at this time.

In other critical times, Kassis also wanted to sell her barrier. So, in August 2014, the entrepreneur was expecting to sell his divisions. "Kassis's value would have her at around US $ 17 million, based on the fact that Copesa had a value of US $ 120 million at that time," he said. The price is & # 39; highest stone for abandoning the entrepreneur. Copesa's worth of mystery is today. Although it has an unfinished motto, it has no main property. He sold a significant part of his land two years ago for improvements to large buildings (from his main office in the Ñuble street) and set out the crown jewels, which was a reduction in some of his radios . For sale from Carolina to Mega, it would be around US $ 10 million.

With a year of historical loss, there is still doubt about the company's real value. This is, despite the fact that there would be two families of the colony – organizations that are emerging – said they expected to buy the shares. The business also maintains a department in digital media The Libero.

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