Alexis Sánchez hit the base and Mourinho did not hit it

Just a few years ago, Alexis Sánchez was a European market star. A few days after the opening of the booklet, Chile's attack did not want to continue in an Arsenal. Followed by the two big shows in Manchester, as well as Paris Saint-Germain, the Tocopillano took the time to choose. Today, the situation is completely different. Missing his millions failed. coming to "Red Devils" and Silein put only 4 goals in 2018, the worst record since 2009.

So, Jose Mourinho will not, once and does not have the person who, fight against opponents now cost, & # 39; spend time for describing its & # 39; player, who will not play again until 2019, which comes from bad muscles from which it is; get back in Chile.

"In a way we can see how Smalling, Jones, Martial and Bailly (for the weekend). In Lindelof and Alexis we are not talking about them, but we need answers," rather than It was "The Special One" In the years of today's duel against Fulham, with the fifth day of the English Premier League.

And Portuguese patience patience is tired. "Mou" was the main agreement when Sanchez in exchange for more than 75 million dollars, a figure surrounded by red leadership, especially by a free free player on June 30.

A small payment

Because it was a problem of proportions; in confirming the DT, that's going to be & # 39; spoil the arms of Josep Guardiola, one of the people who asked them to go to; Silein team.

In the first year of a month with United, the "Wonder Boy" played just 55% of the summary that could be in a team that was accustomed to success.

The worst of them that Sánchez did not succeed in this 2018 were only 4 conquests. Flag that has been far from previous years in Europe. He was the most successful in 2014, when he successfully completed 28 times in each competition, just during the time to change between Barcelona and an Arsenal in England.

Not going to date, 2017 and 2016 were also a good time, with 24 achievements each year. The worst in Europe 2009, when he was vacant in the & # 39; His first step with Udinese from Italy.

"Mou" anxiety. In addition to the injuries, the technological decision for Mourinho is to provide bare economic support. Sanchez's complex contract with Manchester United has specific contracts for goals, which will give him significant sums of money for his first red team.

At least 100 thousand dollars to match each game from the beginning. That is, in every 10 games, at least 1 million dollars for the attack, money that saves Mancunian center.

A welcoming situation, with the stripper near the British team's departure, again in the January market.

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