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Ali the world and food day as an aggregate factor

Day celebrations are & # 39; World Cup, the UNCC initiative for its English measurement measurement on 4 February, as the second cause of death in the world, as in our country (26.13% of the population). Today's celebration aims to raise awareness and cancer awareness, to take action against this disease, such as time access to care and treatment, self-care, early detection prevention screens , among others. This year's word is "I and I'm going to" ("me and me"), for the reason everyone is doing. Believe – the location and the areas of interventions – their own release with a personalized message of enthusiasm, use this slogan and share it in social networks as a support signal.

It is a disease that is characterized by an unusual and unresolved growth of cells in the body that is in the body; tumor. If it is not addressed, it can grow and spread to other parts of the body and affect its operation. This disease is caused by a variety of factors such as unoccupied lifestyle, smoking, too much notice (excessive stress or obesity), poor eating habits that are marked by increased alcohol, high meat in red meat, Treasures are handled and very little fruit and vegetables; to describe some of the reasons associated with our lifestyles. Within our country's policies, the Explanatory Health Guaranes (GES) have a covering to be & # 39; diagnose and treat different types of cancer and Law 20,850 for neuroendocrine towers, however, failing all, genealogy needs on approach strategies and casual health policies. In December 2018, Piñera President and Minister for Health set out the National Cancer Plan, which aims to advise on the development of policies, the implementation of strategies, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, revival and impairment care of illness. In our country, the main cause of the death of stomach cancer cancer, in men is the only reason; although it is because of breast cancer.

Healthy food and lifestyles are fundamental in cancer prevention. Inside the healthy healthy ingredients, it consumes at least 3 times vegetables and twice daily produce of different colors, 3 bees of milk products per day, at least two blades This week, apart from fish, has plenty of adequate flora and takes 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. Also, limit the amount of waste food (with high caloric concentration, fat, starch, sodium and sugar), red meat and process, sugar and alcohol drinks. On the other hand, stress and exercise will be sufficient for at least 150 minutes per week. The increase in body fat is a causal cause of several types of cancer, including: mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, stamag, colony, liver, salmon, stone, apricot, prostate and a hook.

Diet with an appropriate yield of fruit, vegetables, shells and whole grain is associated with the effects of a preservative effect of cancer, especially the characterization of a religious fluid, associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer, as well as ro -thromes and obesity.

It is important to clarify that the limitation of the use of red meat is not limited; means that it should not be lost, it is bigger, it is recommended once a week, especially for a & # 39; adding to iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Not only is the excessive wear that has been associated with colorectal cancer.

Because of it, milk consumption of milk products is considered to be the protection of colorectal cancer development, such as coffee and chemotherapy for endometrial cancer. On the other hand, alcohol consumption is related to oral cancer, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, stomach, liver, colorectal and chicken.

If we all come together and come with us; promises that we include healthy eating and lifestyles we can make a change, because not only do they do it; help prevent cancer, but also other illnesses. "I'm a health professional and I will encourage a healthy diet."

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