Alvarez is trying to make Beñat's decision to the team after he has been able to go to the team. go away

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Ann Catholic University the result of Beñat San José Continuing to & # 39; creates effects. Now, it's Cristián Álvarez's name; there who mentioned how Spanish left, recognize banning in the racing room.

"Chapa & # 39; (José Pedro Fuenzalida) and with me there was never any problem, he was always related to us and there were situations that occur in any team, but that does not. forward to "leave", he said in statements to Cooperativa, in terms of his conflicts with Luciano Aued, who is named as the backdrop of his departure from San José.

"If a technician does not want a player, he tells him not to go ahead and that's it", he added to the opponent now, and argues too" I can not give me information. There was a small problem, but I do not know if he did so much. No one heard anything, I do not know. We did not know what happened, "he said.

When he was passing, Alvarez was surprised as the technician was in a position; leaving his UC medal. "I did not expect, but it's their decisions that will give something. Try how easy it is, what's best for its & # 39; club. It may have been & # 39; Feeling alone, far from home, but what did he take off his job I do not know, "he said.

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