Amazon has 50 million items available for Chile: Is it fairly fair?

The catalog is large and can be purchased in Silein pesos, although you should consider some of the factors.

Amazon has been for the Silentian catalog that contains 50 million amazing products, and can be sent to Chile directly. Here, in the famous black Friday framework.

To start, just go to from the search engine and place the address at the place that you offer your choice. You can also download the Amazon App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store, by choosing "International Buy" during a census-based process.

As stated in a statement, those who buy from handheld devices have the option of paying more than 60 money, including Silein pesos. When buying, users will be able to; See their price clearly with the approximate prices on customs and can choose between different options and delivery values, depending on how fast & # 39; as they want to get their materials.

The second thing is important, and think the merchants have a high value, depending on the location you are doing; stay and the price you buy. For example, in simple research on technology results for this Black Friday we will find this:

Samsung Galaxy S9 Black 6GB Neo-lock

Price: US $ 519.99 + $ 147.61 shipping

See here.

Motosafety (detector and GPS controller)
Price: US $ 30.99 + US $ 27.88 shipping

See here.

Chromebook Flip C302CA-DHM4
Price US $ 499.00 + US $ 157.75 Shipping.

See here.

Note that these offers are for Black Friday, so they can change in the days ahead. As you can see, the shipping costs can be huge, although the discount is also important. This is what the company tells of the costs of issuing and depositing taxes to Chile:

Rates are attractive and included at the price of the market (current price with no accountable increase) of the product and not the total price you receive after the Amazon is encouraged. This will allow country or departmental customs authorities to find out what duties and fees that will meet them in line with the current value of the goods.

We will not add extra costs to you if the final duty is in excess of the investment we will make.

Also, obviously, unstable items can be passed to Chile (as this one), so make sure before you buy. It is always our recommendation to make the relevant comparisons with different providers, both externally and locally. Also consider how long it will bring your output to

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