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An inexpensive shoe store that affected vibrant local flexible influences

Few people are willing to pay more for their opinion that something is special, scarce and, therefore, delicious. Indeed, that's how the US stock has benefited Unpaid.

Indeed, the creation of a website and Instagram account was enough for a host company to install a group of social media influences, who decided to be present when a new resource was used. In addition, at least one came to pay up to $ 640 dollars (about $ 430,000 pesos Silein) for cheap cheap shoes.

In CNN, they report that everything was part of a viral campaign that encouraged to create a new false mouse called "Palessi", which was located in a shopping center in town of Los Angeles. For the big opening, 80 influenza was invited, the shelves were filled with unpaid free shoes, the prices were increased by distortion and a further history was in two days of the wrong action.

Among the views of the people who affected it was possible to capture stories about the "amazing" shoes that were taken to the shop and even even, And they say they will pay up to $ 500 for shoes that do not exceed $ 19.99 dollars (about $ 13,500 pesos).

In total, its & # 39; Shop sold $ 3,000 dollars in the two days, but all the money was returned to the people who affected it. Even in Payless they let the people who were in a position. affecting living with their shoes and gave them a little to attend. And, obviously, the comparative winning company is back to showcase their accessible shoes too fashionable.

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