Announcing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order for Nintendo Switch – only

During the world 2018 Awards Awards, it was announced Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order as a special title for Nintendo Switch, where it will arrive in 2019. Geoff Keighley have confirmed The title is being developed by Ninja Team.

We'll leave you by referring to the game just below:

The MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE series will be returned for its & # 39; the first time in 10 years, with a new action RPG, as a whole on the Nintendo Switch system! Collect your latest Super Marvel Heroes team with a big card that includes The Avengers, the Galaxy Guardians, the X-Men and many more! Join friends to protect the galaxy from the hands of Thanos the cosmetic writer, and his secretary soldiers on the land, The Black Order.

In this new story, the warriors and criminals will enter their race through the Marvel Maritime to find the Infinity Calls before Thanos and the Black Orders come to the chaos behave abducted. From the Avengers Tower to the X-Mansion and further afield, each stop will be in a dangerous aggregate to stop Thanos a & # 39; creating an unexpected event with your favorite characters and the beautiful places.

Get closer to your activity by & # 39; Move your eyes to the "Camara Heroic" scene over your shoulder, add to the series that offers a more cozy way for a single player or multiplayer up to four systems.

Play online *, without connecting through a local wireless network, or just passing by Joy-Con remote to a friend so you can go to your team. With a pair of Joy-Con controls (sold separately), four players can take part in one system! The collaborative entrances / entitlement opportunities allow players to create their own "Ultimate Alliance" at the will.

You'll get the official news about it Nintendo below:

You can watch the train on YouTube below:

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