Are you sleepy all the time? Be careful, it can be Alzheimer's

According to a study by Johns Hopkins public health school Bloomberg, it may feel that the day is too close to being a bigger risk.

Not all faults will be repaired.

The fruits are beautiful and as an adult, we always want to give several times a day.

But such ambitions and a day's sleep might seem to be a sign of Alzheimer's.

According to a study carried out by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg public health school, it may feel that the day's exposure to the day is a sign of an increased risk to the brain's brain disease.

Older adults who felt sleepy during the day while they were keen to be awakened nearly three times were more likely to find deposits of amylaloide, the protest that lifts up the brain as part of a disease. T Alzheimer's.

The survey was published in the magazine Sleep, and the team used data from the Long-Term Neuromaging Survey of Aging Baltimore to study more closely the sleep levels during the day and practices nesting in 124 of commons. Healthy, healthy partnerships.

The researchers then compared that information with the results of a PET and MRI scan of 16 years later.

So the result was that people who said they often felt sleepy during the day almost three were more likely to have deposits of beta-amyloid; however, capture practices were not strongly associated with beta-amyloid deposits.

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