Arias: "Today the team deserve more than what he gets."

Chile University – continues to be immersed in an institutional crisis and sport. The Blues fell 3-1 in front of them Antofagasta Sport and in just six dates he's recording four points, numbers that are in a semi-final situation 2019 National Competition.

Alfredo Arias, a student technician, took responsibility for the dark, especially in a special way. “The person in charge of this game is that the team played this way or the line … I hope the inputs are loaded in. The game is in front of the group. T There are factors that football contains and there are surprising results, ”he explained.

"Indeed I made mistakes for the lineup, not for the players but for the time they asked them," he said.

The Uruguayan also spoke of his experiences with his pupils and trust. "There is no formula for a team, he's going to get up, to get here (for the U) you need to be very good and they're your best teams, today the team really deserved it. more than he gets, that the players try what I want … they play a good game, I worry about the last minutes that we had no clarity, "he said.

"I'm not happy or happy," said Arias, who said "if we were first or second as being the same because there's only one way of dealing with these situations, we'll be in trouble when we identify opportunities." that. I want more than that. "

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