Arica: Around 50 miles of customers are living without power of power as a result of a big dub

There are 50,000 homes remaining without an electric service in Arica, after that black-haired man who suffers his home A result of a disability in the Los Cóndores distribution line, which connects Arica to Iquique.

The event took place at 5:24 pm and firstly affected 72,000 users, which has gradually improved the efficiency of electricity in sectors such as Cerro La Cruz, Agricultural Terminal and Lastarria.

The main concerns of the water supply authorities are drinking in the home. For this reason, efforts are aimed at recovering energy in the areas where the water treatment plants located in Azapa and Lluta are applied.

"We do not want to have two problems, we do not want to have electricity and water, and so we have taken steps to mitigate to ensure that no water is cut in all areas of Arica," he said. Cooperative Onemi regional director, Franz Schmauck.

In this regard, the authority inserted that a water cut started in the northern part of the town, which will, runs from 23:00 on Friday to 06:00 on Saturday morning. The amount is rising not to damage its drinking water system; town.

Emergency protocols

Due to the situation, emergency protocols began to take energy and water to health, hospital, border and prison areas.

In terms of kidney reasons, Schmauck said that the General Electricity Company of the CEA has not yet given an official response. However, for four hours, they have been working in the department that affects Arica's electricity system as soon as as possible.

"What happens to our food coming from Iquique and the line can be cut at any stage of the pack. Then, if charged at any time, its company must move 100 or 200 kilometers, which takes between two and three hours of travel to reach, evaluate the position and cause past, "he explained.

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