"Arthur gives you everything": a great praise to a Barcelona coach that is a " Praise the figure of Vidal Soccer

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Benjamin Cremel Agence France-Presse

Technical director of Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde, again a suggestion Arturo Vidal, but he did not prove if the Silein began this Saturday against Espanyol in classical Catalonia.

In a news conference, Valverde said "Arturo gives you everything, making a great effort and a great trip", He sentenced sentence.

"Sometimes you kept it, but the commitment to the team is progressing well. I know that it is a team that has a " managed by the situation, but football is a football and you need to "" go to space space and break ", with him.

It should be noted that last year's Chileinin midfielder in the 4-1 victory over the Cultural Leones, around 32 of Copa del Rey, was not a result of the "febrile process".

In addition, the strategist reported to Artair, with whom Vidal plays a place in the middle of a stoneNo, saying that he "is a player that gives us a lot of control over his game." Let's make the team together, because he will take the team. A very safe player with a member. It's different from the rest. We hope he will return and all his options. If not, it's something we're missing. "

The Citizen's notices say to the media that not every player is equal, because each one is different. When it comes to a & # 39; group, you will do it one way or another. But there is something that everyone agrees, that is included. "

It is worth remembering that Barcelona and Espanyol will love themselves on Saturday at 4:45 p.m. at the RCDE Stadium.

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