Avianca Brasil's defense is bankrupt and Latam Airlines is a share up


Holdings Avianca has a bad time and suffered a very serious break in the & stock market after a sub-group in Brazil accepts the number of breach protection.

This complex situation would have on its company to " stopped an airplane between 10 and 31 December, which would affect 77,000 passengers, due to their risk of removal of 14 aircraft, in accordance with Reuters documents.

Avianca Brasil has influenced high fuel costs and demands that threaten some planes, the group said.

It is kept to & # 39; case forward, which goes on in & # 39; First Chamber of Breach and Judicial Receptions of Sao Paulo, under confidentiality.

Last week, Brazilian justice on its ferry company 11 times from its fleet brought to an Irish company Aircraft Fund, a co-operative of Aircastle USA, for paying the rent .

According to legal resources, three other actions to record debts were made against suppliers against the fourth largest ferry in Brazil.

This company and Avianca Colombia are owned by their company. German Efromovich, a Bolivia-born archaeological journalist, held last week, and received a US $ 456 million loan from the United Continental Holdings United Airlines giant.

Avianca fell 17.54% in Bogota Stock Exchange, although the paper left the loss to just 1% after that.

But what one loses, and throws someone else. Latam Airlines, which has a unique role in Brazil, has a 4.74% jump in the Santiago Stock Exchange, although Gol rose 13.04% and was the best performing stock in Sao Paulo Stock Trading. modern day

In the same opinion, Vector Capital's investment analyst, Victo Viera, said "strong paper growth is based on the breakdown of a subsidiary company in Brazil, the Colombian air, Avianca, which is a non-cooperative proposal – Market in Brazil, which allows other departmental activities to record a strong increase.

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