Awesome! InSight got a shot on the sound of the wind on Mars

After seven years of work and 7 months of travel, finally Question Quiz of the NASA landing on Mars a few days ago in what is converted into a mission of almost 1,000 million dollars aimed at exploring the inside of its red planet and, indeed, Some of the results are now available.

A few days ago the entity published through the social networking of the snow sound on Mars and now has survived How do you hear Mars on wind?, sounds have not been heard in advance so far and it has been captured by the successful expedition to his / her; general body last month.

Although they are certified by NASA that it was an independent event; , they decided to share them with the whole world so that everyone could access this sound and see the differences with what we are doing; used to listen to the ground.

Important information: NASA is proposing it will be audio is reproduced by telephones or mobile phones, to ensure better quality re-production.

Listen to how a wind is feel on Mars Mars planet below

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