Bags in Latin America close mixed in the absence of Wall Street

Wall Street

The New York Stock Exchange will take stock transactions, driven by the physical and online fever of the "Black Friday", which will surely impact, more than everything, to Nasdaq, which mainly groups technological.

Wall Street could also feel Friday at its opening the impact of Donald Trump's statements, according to which China wishes "much" to make "a deal" to solve the commercial problem with the United States.

Previous statements in that sense have already caused a serious impact on the markets.

The largest Latin American stock market, Sao Paulo's, settled on a positive basis, since its Ibovespa index closed at 87,477 points, with an increase of 0.24%, driven in part by the appointment of economist Rubem Novaes as new president of Banco do Brasil.

The volume of business in the Paulista square reached 6,881 million reais (about 1.805 million dollars) on Thursday.

Dow Jones 22 11

The balance in Buenos Aires was barely positive, where the Merval index rose a shy 0.04% to reach 30,254,51 points, as a product of operations for 119.83 million Argentine pesos (some 3.28 million dollars ).

0.45% was the rise that the General General of the Lima square experienced to reach the 19,199.92 units, following a wheel in which operations were registered by 9,844,760 soles (equivalent to 2,916,102 dollars) .

The Global Bonuses of the Montevideo Stock Exchange closed 102,51 integers after 0.15%, after operations reported by 18,268,657 of Uruguayan pesos (some 562,188 dollars).

The other side of the coin lived the IPC of Mexico, which remained at 41,271,12 enters after falling 0.55%, on Thursday in which transactions were carried out by 3,407 million Mexican pesos (about 167 , 7 million dollars).

Another parqué that lived on a bit bitter Thursday was Santiago, where the IPSA index yielded a day in which securities were traded for more than $ 32,000 million (about 48.15 million dollars).

Colcap's reference to the Colombian Stock Exchange, in which there was a flow of transactions by 17,781 million Colombian pesos (about 5.5 million dollars), had a moderate low of 0.14%, so it remained parked at 1,388,30 units.

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