Beautiful plush, obsession December 2018: fighting, sequences and production for 8 times the value of Economy

An Dragoon Draws They appeared before December 2013 and their reputation was firmly confirmed in the preview of Good Night in 2018.

The ambition is that none of them like that some models are already, despite last year that Commissioner Cencosud commissioned China for one million hundred thousand.

The demand for one of these funny features has risen to such a degree is even a trophy in some stores of the brand, as happened in San Bernardo in November.

However, on the basis that many of them need to be bought for delivery as gifts for children, or even the collection, its price has been & # 39; Increase in informal market and internet.

In company stores they cost $ 9,990, but with a card they will going to $ 5.990. On the internet, in portals like Mercado Libre, the situation is quite different.

One Goldy, one of the biggest modules that need Slabs, is to be spent $ 50,000, eight times the value for customers.

Take | Free market
Take | Free market

On the page nets of this collection, it is referred to its & # 39; dog like "the superb vision and an ambiguous smile of gold magic " a barrel is hanged in a & # 39; His neck with "magic powder to wake up the high powers that every child hides in the heart".

But you will also find the total collection, that is, the eight goblins.

Those who want to build them at any cost and can not do so in any of the sources, where the highest number of users – on their description by SoyConcepción-, is marked by to be delivered not a small sum of $ 143,500.

Take | Free market
Take | Free market

Colorito is available, on the other hand, at $ 35,000; Chocolata at $ 22,900 and Fuchsia at $ 25,000. Completing its & # 39; collection Azulina, Mandarin, Limón and Menta.

In conversation with Magazine Capital, baddy creator, Bernadette Astaburuaga, said that she was extremely amazing when she was in a hurry. She tells her she gave the "stick to the cat". "As if this were something lucky and there was no day-to-day work, creation, detailing correction, among a thousand attempts. And unexpected projects."

Astaburuaga, who she is a teacher, he found the paths for his love for children and a two year degree in Marketing, his studies in New York, in 1996.

The reception has been so good, and the successes are so big, that your office will be shorter you have to have one floor, of the few who are already living, due to the work.

"I never thought it was the biggest promotion campaign in Chile." And do not wear too much shinty: the goblins have already reached Colombian and Peruvian marketwhere you are stock grow in the coming seasons.

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