"Benjamin still does not show the worst face"

In the last Wednesday chapter of "Covenant of Blood", Vial Benjamin (Álvaro Espinoza) gave attention to the spectators with the cold blood that he showed when he took the life of Karina (Antonia Giesen), the young woman who Explore herself out of her friend Daniela (Antonia Bosman).

After this mischief, the television series began the second action and the director "Pact of Blood", Cristián Mason, expectations of what comes to the plastic surgeon: "In this second phase, Benjamin has moved. We are beginning to see, whatever is to stop his way, he can kill him. "

The fans of the soap opera are incredible if the murder of Karina is a point for any medicinal product and what other things can be done to maintain her image as an incapable person.

Álvaro Espinoza, who was over the life of Dr. Road, cold, heartless and ultra-belief, saying that "in this television series, all the characters that live are ending and although it does not seem to be easy to do, awful things are growing. "

– Will Benjamin give the opportunity to clean himself ?, Oir so far he has been showing the worst face …

I'm going to go to; That attack, that is what I mean: Benjamin is not yet shown on the worst face …

– Not yet!

The teleserie gets worse. The scriptwriters do not know what they have given or what emotional state they have, but the television series will become worse and it is much worse than we have seen so far .. .

– How much does it get worse?

There is a lot to be seen in that way, the characters have a lot of clothes cut and it's going to be & # 39; getting more and more awful and I think it's hard for people to be deleted …

– On the way, the teleserie does not have a high degree, but in social networks it is a reason, what do you think about this?

At this time, at this time, I'm thinking that it is not quite a lot to say.

– How come?

I have been a great success with workpower and is always creating a stir, comment and everything, but with "Pact de Sangre" not only does the observer say he loves or is good or bad, instead, he & # 39; feeling that it is essential to develop theories about what's going on. They are really involved in the subject and we are very pleased.

– How was it for you to make Karina look?

At the time I read the setting, the same thing is that; happening to people when they see them: I feel sad, I do not; I enjoy … the same difference is that I need to face these feelings from another place and it's not easy, days and days to gather grain and fright, and that's a # 39; growing.

– And during registration?

In my case, a character without scenes, in such a situation, was very complex, as Antonia (Giesen) was complete. There was a lasting sight of it and the biggest effort as an actor was not to enter the emotional tunnel with her and to her; maintaining the role of the psychopath, but the work is much easier because the throat is terrible, and things are happening.

– What job do you think the script is & # 39; play in the "Pact de Sangre" campaign?

In terms of content, I think we do not; creating a wheel without being & # 39; creating a wheel, but what work has this script behind us before we start, I work for years in the development. It's a new way to tell, a new drama rhythm.

– What is the reason?

When "Pacto" started on Monday, people thought that this would end on the next Monday … when I read it, The first five chapters, I spoke to the producers, the director and told them, & # 39; For my ten years ago, these five chapters were nineteen years ago … that is, the action is Going too fast, the line does not report to stop it, it's not a & # 39; stop, and all the scenes are there. I had never been in a lifeboat where no shades were swept away and the scriptures were full of air … but I think it is the relevance that may be in time ago & # 39; It is turning rapidly, in the mystery of the story and that's the most loved people.

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