Bolivia declared the death of four deaths as a result of a & # 39; protest in a population near La Paz


Bolivia declared on Monday The death of a 9-year-old daughter as a fourth case is considered by dengue breach which greatly affects the Caranavi suburban population, which is located 163 kilometers from the city of La Paz.

The little one "was introduced into the Caranavi Hospital with poor drugs and was transferred to the Hospital of the Child (La Paz) then where he was in custody (he said). Head of National Epidemiology, The Vicente Gonzales, allegedly from The Bolivian Health Ministry.

Death died near midnight Sunday, a day later The death of a 44 year old man who was also "an advanced degree of illness," said the same source.

The other two cases respond to a child of five and a female of 22 years, according to a report being offered Head of Epidemiology of the La Paz Departmental Health Service, The Alejandra Salas.

Ceuman in the area

The specialist found that this population is in the La Paz department, a cleaning mosquito breeding sites of the disease.

According to national health authorities, Three weeks ago, fifteen experts went into the place to set up an emergency home confirmation, co-ordinating the healing of the environment and the overall fumigation of the population.

The report on the National Ecology Unit was also established There are 767 dengue cases in a Bolivian area and that There were 260 in the Caranavi town, of about 14,000 residents.

Dengue is a disease that has a disease; appearing with him decorated, The put heads, The fever and muscle disorders, which may be & # 39; leading to more complex characteristics.

The disease that causes the disease is reproduced at this time, water in the warm warmth of Bolivia, and for that take advantage of any water space, such as abandoned tires, rubbish or seas.

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