Bolsa de Santiago closed the Latam hands

Stock Exchange of Santiago closed with satisfied accounts in a day where the world killed their days without a clear course.

The IPSA has increased 0.81% due to the good results of today from Latam. The profit flights registered 2.62% at $ 7,073,200 per share and "continue to develop its growth objectives in Brazil after the avianca company in Brazil has been bankruptcy, and so the stock was upgrading, "said Vector Capital investment inspector Victor Viera.

On the other hand, the AquaChile shares rose to 4.21%, to a $ 495 paper. This is a day after the National Economic Prosecution Office (FNE) says 7 December "was the operational work "through which Agrosuper acquired its company, a business estimated at US $ 850 million.

But the negative point of the day is the series of B series of Embotelladora Andina that fell, which lost -1.12% to $ 2,552,100.

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