Buyers sell up to 500% in the last 15 days in some high temperature shops. National

The heat does not provide any respiration and the service will be disrupted; Bringing bills, at least who is a fan soldier, air and air conditioning equipment.

In the last fifteen days, that division was up to 500% in Easy, with January raising registration in sales such as 65% compared to the same month of 2018.

"We've been intense sales, especially on weekends, "said Deborah Hanke, a quarterly business manager, to La Tercera.

The activity explained that traditional fans are the best users, due to their low price. "It's a simple and economical way to cool up," he said.

However, although they are more expensive, Mobile startup aircraft are named, in particular split, because they are also heating.

Ann Sodimac They also warned about the increase in sales, two times more in January 2018, according to the Business Manager of the chain, Paulina Vidal.

"Little by little, customers have been moving from traditional fans to air air, and are currently buying the option of buying a portable air and even a & # 39; s split"The media said.

Mobile and mobile air systems spread they will generally start at $ 150,000.

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