Call Pamela Díaz on social networks after attacking them

Although in one of his best working times, bad news has become deeper Pamela Diaz: He got attacked.

The incentive "The night is our name"He made the news circulated by his Instagram account, where he called for fans.

In a & # 39; He asked for help to recover his documents, which was brought out when the antisocial was attacked.

"Hi! loved people, I wanted to tell you that they attacked me. I'm right, but I wanted to find out if I can get my documents back, "he said.

In addition, he benefited from giving thanks for their help. "Thanks to the well-bored Carabiners, if they find them (the documents), they can go out and leave them at the channel's entertainment.

However, after the launch of the application in the social network, Pamela Díaz released the publication.

Pamela Diaz Instagram

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